PayPal Claims – How do I File a Claim with PayPal

On the contrary, the means of making transactions has been made simpler and convenient for people to send & receive money online. As well as making payment for items with the use of your PayPal account.  For instance, signing up for a PayPal account enable you to buy and sell items online, also make money transactions. However, the PayPal Claims is a process whereby the buyer isn’t satisfied with the product bought from the seller. Therefore, opens a serious complaint to PayPal or fills out an unauthorized transaction.

PayPal Claims - How do I File a Claim with PayPal

Furthermore, PayPal Claims is not only initiated by only buyers but also sellers can initiate the case. Most especially buyers are actually fond of initiating a claim case. Once, the buyer or seller opens a claim case, PayPal then determines the outcome of the case and also process the case through their policy. Most of the reason that actually results in this kind of issue includes items not delivered, delay in shipping, unauthorized transaction, and also significantly not as described. Another, thing you need to know about PayPal claims is highlighted for you below.  

How Does PayPal Claims Work?

The method on how PayPal claims works are simple and straightforward and the description above explains how PayPal claims works. PayPal claims are issues or complaints that the buyer or seller wasn’t able to resolve with the sellers or buyer and then takes the case to PayPal to resolve the issue. It takes  20-day periods for either the buyer or seller to escalate their issue to a claim. At the point, the service gets involved in the case and then find a solution on how to satisfy both the seller and the buyer. However, we already mention some of the reasons why claims occur above. Right now, this will lead us to how you can escalate a dispute to a claim.

How do I Escalate a Dispute to a Claim?

Understand one thing, PayPal claims and disputes are different sections of the Resolution Center. Dispute are cases only initiated by only the buyer to PayPal or sellers based on the transaction made. Dispute outcome is mostly determined by the buyer and seller. When no agreement is made between the two-party, then can the buyer escalate a dispute to a claim so that PayPal can resolve the issue.

  • Log in to your PayPal account with the link
  • From your account dashboard, you can simply access the Resolution Center.
  • Next, you can click View beside the dispute you want to escalate.
  • Afterward, you can click the option ‘Escalate this dispute to a PayPal claim’.
  • Next, follow the instructions displayed to you.
  • Lastly, click Escalate to a claim.

However, you can say the dispute is the first stage you go through before you can escalate a dispute to a claim. Also, you can identify when a claim filed against you through your email address. Plus, you can find the case created against you on the Resolution Center.

How can I Respond to a Claim?

In case you find out that a claim has been filed against you, it’s important you respond to the case. Because the case has actually reach PayPal and this might come with a consequence if no response is made.

To respond to a claim:

  • Access your PayPal account.
  • Then access the Resolution Center page.
  • Go to the Action column beside the claim and click Respond.
  • Select the people you want to respond to and click Continue.

Keep in mind, in other to stay off a claim, you can follow the exact customer service tips in other to help prevent a dispute between buyers. Also if a claim has been processed to the seller,  you have  10 days to respond to the case. The consequence of not responding favor the buyer that a full refund will be made.