USDA Eligibility – Check Your Eligibility Requirements on USDA

The USDA eligibility is a program that has been established for Americans who do not have a good credit score enough for them to obtain a traditional mortgage. It is a loan that is put down with a low-interest mortgage with no payment for the low-income Americans. The USDA loan is mainly for rural homebuyers which means you may be more relaxed when you are surrounded by green grass more than just pavement. The USDA might be among those who have government assistance on the mortgage programs. It is also known as the USDA rural development guaranteed housing loan program by the United States department of agriculture.

USDA Eligibility - Check Your Eligibility Requirements on USDA

This program gives people the opportunity to own decent, safe, adequate, and modest sanitary houses as their main residence in rural areas by proving assistance in payment to increase the ability of the applicant repayment. The assistance rendered is determined by the family income that is adjusted. The USDA has rendered help to over 127,000 families buy and makes their homes more pleasant to behold. With all the types of mortgage loans to select from, how do you know if the USDA is the right place for you? Here is an overview of how it works.

How Does USDA Eligibility Work?

The USDA works in a way you have to prove your creditworthiness with a credit score of at least 640 and you will also have a stable and reliable income. The maximum time you have to repay the mortgage is 12 months and no late collections or payment will be allowed. The USDA also work in three different programs which is the use of loan guarantees, direct loan, and home improvement loans and grants. This mortgage works differently and for various purposes.

Who is Eligible For USDA?

For an individual to qualify for the USDA eligibility loan, they must be able to meet the required information put forward by the USDA. Here is the list of people who can qualify for the USDA eligibility loan.

  • If you can confidently prove your creditworthiness with the credit score of 640
  • Reliable and stable source of income
  • Willingness to repay the mortgage within 12 months
  • Legal permanent resident or U.S citizenship
  • The house serves as the main residence and will be located in a qualified rural area
  • Adjusted household income which is equal to or less than 115% of the area median income

The lenders may also have their laid down rules and requirement which will be added to the USDA requirement.

How to Apply For USDA Eligibility Loan

  • Prequalify with a USDA approved lender
  • Apply for preapproval
  • Find a USDA approved home’
  • Sign a purchase agreement
  • Check through the underwriting and processing
  • Close on your loan

Once you have close on your loan, they will get back to you based on the information you provided. You can also go through the process online by filling a quick online application. After doing this your pre-approval takes 3 days to a week to get back to you.