Shiloh 2021 – Theme And Where to Watch

The most awaited annual program of the year is here again. And if you wondering which program am talking about, then it is the Shiloh 2021 program. Members of the living faith church worldwide also known as the winners’ chapel have been waiting in great anticipation of this great program. This program is known to be powerful and there is no doubt about the signs and miracles that happens. Shiloh 2021 is a program that is the 21st annual program in the 21st century.  The Shiloh event travels back to 1999 where the event was first held. And ever since then, the Shiloh program has been fixed to take place annually.

Shiloh 2021 - Theme And Where to Watch

Shiloh 2021 is promising to be word-filled, wonder-filled, worship filled as there will be an encounter with God. Over the years, Shiloh has been beautiful as people meet with an encounter with God. And there have been lots of testimonies and so many wonders that have changed the lives of many. The program is being anchored by the GO bishop David Oyedepo and the theme of this year Shiloh 2021 is “more than a conqueror”. Bishop David Oyedepo made mention that Shiloh 2021 will be very different from other years as there will be so many unexplainable miracles.

Where Can I Watch Shiloh 2021?

Shiloh 2021 is a big event that is happening and everyone has been waiting in great anticipation and we all know that our expectations will be surpassed. If you are interested in watching the program but you are having doubts since you are not a member of the church. You don’t need to worry as provisions have been made as you can watch the program anywhere and everywhere in the world. You can watch the Shiloh 2021 annual program in the following listed places.

  • Faith Tabernacle: The great place to watch the Shiloh 2021 program is the auditorium of the event which is the Faith Tabernacle church. The event happens in the faith tabernacle headquarters which is at Canaan land, Ota, Nigeria.
  • Shiloh viewing centers/ Winners Chapel branches: A good place which you can watch the Shiloh 2021 program is the Shiloh viewing centers as there are many centers and even winner chapel branches all over the world.
  • Online: With technology taking over the world, Shiloh 2021 can be watched online, as on your phone, YouTube, WhatsApp page, and even on DStv, you just have to find the channel of the winner’s chapel.

What is The Theme of Shiloh 2021?

The theme of this great annual program, Shiloh 2021, is ”More Than a Conqueror”. Every member of the winners’ chapel should prepare their body soul and minds as there will be victory over battles and you will come out as a conqueror.

When Will Shiloh 2021 Start

Shiloh 2021 will kick off on the 7th of December which is on a Tuesday 2021. The Shiloh 2021 will be running for six days and the first opening event is the Shiloh 2021 grand opening encounter which is also known as the encounter night. Shiloh 2021 is scheduled to finish with the Shiloh 2021 impartation service on Saturday 11, December 2021. Lastly, there will be a thanksgiving service as the grand finale on 12 of December 2021 which is on Sunday.