TSTV –Decoder Price and Subscription Packages

For a long period of time, the cable TV market in Nigeria has been monopolized by one service producer. TSTV Africa is here to break up that monopoly. If you caught yourself wondering what TSTV stands for the acronym refers to Telecom Satellite TV.

TSTV –Decoder Price and Subscription Packages

It is a cable tv that is fully owned by a Nigerian and is here to change the entertainment life of Nigerians. As a Direct to Home platform it provides Nigerians with premium satellite tv content at very affordable prices. It is there safe to say that TSTV Africa is one of a kind.

Why Use TSTV Africa?

TSTV came into existence with the aim of providing a high-quality viewing experience to Nigerians at prices that they can afford. The fact that it is owned by a Nigerian is an added advantage as he/she understands our culture and way of life. This puts them in the prime position to provide satellite tv content that is suitable for Nigeria.

TSTV also thrives to provide Nigerians with quality high definition and standard definition tv experience which would read every one in each economic class. They are also committed to providing consistent as well as innovative direct to home tv experiences.

TSTVAfrica.com Website

The official website is tstvafrica.com and because it is a new company with a new site it is still a work in progress. But that doesn’t stop you from visiting the site as it has all the information you need.

On the home page, you have the chance to see at a glance some of the TSTV channels. You get to see trailers for movies that will probably show on the platform. The menu is located at the top of the TSTV website.

On the menu to get to see My TSTV which shows you the channels, and where to buy the TSTV decoder. You also get to see TSTV Help and Support which has all the frequently asked questions you could probably ask.

TSTV Decoder – Smart Top Box

The TSTV Africa decoder is one of a kind with several unique features that adds to the quality TV experience that they are trying to provide. The decoder changes your regular tv set to a smart tv without having to buy anything other than the decoder. It comes with a 50GB inbuilt hard drive which allows you to store all the video content you want. And if you feel this is not good enough, you can add an extension. This means that you can plug your external hard drive into the TSTV smart top box.

The smart top box comes with an initial 20GB internet connection which allows you to browse the net with your tv. The smart top box allows you to view Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even news and weather reports all from your tv. This 20GB is available to everyone at the initial payment for the TSTV decoder and 10GB every time you subscribe. You can share this data with your family and friends.

TSTV Subscription Packages

One of the best things is that the cost for both the decoder and subscription for each month is cheap. Therefore, Nigerians should get behind TSTV Africa for them to grow and sustain the services they provide.

The cost for the decoder is N5000 and monthly payment will cost N3000. You can also subscribe for as low as N200. You should note that unlike its competitors which offer monthly subs, They offer pay as you view.

After payment for the TSTV decoder has been made you will have the chance to fully enjoy the 20GB which is like a Jara feature added. And Nigerians do like Jara. Later payment of the monthly subscription will provide you with 10GB of internet access.

One lovely advantage is that it allows its subscriber to pause their subscription. So, if you just subscribe to their plan and you are about to travel, you can pause the subscription till you come back. It is worth noting that pausing your subscription has a limit. The limit for pausing your subscription is 7 days and this applies to everyone.

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How to Contact TSTV Customer Service

If you want to reach out to their customer care, they have contact which is always available. You can also contact them by visiting their head office in Nigeria; you will find the address on their official website. Also, you can reach their customer service team via Yahoo mail or Gmail. Finally, If you will like to contact them via mobile phone their numbers which are available on their website.