Full List Of TSTV Channels

Hey, there! You must have heard about the new cable tv referred to as TSTV Africa Channels. If you haven’t, the TSTV is a satellite TV service that provides direct to home tv content to Nigerians. It is the first cable tv in Nigeria which is owned by a Nigerian. He is Dr. Bright Echefu Ikechukwu who saw the way Nigerians are being exploited and decided to do something about it.

Full List Of TSTV Channels

They provide the richest high-definition and standard-definition content which is tailored for Nigerians. The fact that the direct-to-home cable tv company is from Nigeria allows it to provide tv content that reflects the culture and way of life of Nigerians.

TSTV Channel

Telecom Satellite TV provides high-end tv content to its subscribers at affordable prices. These TSTV channel cuts across all genres from news to sports to music. So, no matter who you are and what your age is, there is a channel for you. At the moment they offer more than 120 high-end channels but later time goes on this will increase to over 200. Here are the various channels offered grouped by their genres:

TSTV Language – Pan Africa Culture Channels

Meanwhile, these channels show what the Nigerian, and African at large, culture is all about. It tries to showcase the full colors, values, and uniqueness of our culture. So, for the youths, these TSTV channel attempt to close the cultural gap which are in our youths nowadays. These channels include;

  1. Mama Africa Movies.
  2. Mama Yoruba Movies.
  3. Arewa 24.
  4. Mama Hausa Movies.
  5. Nollywood Movies.
  6. Riwendu TV.

General Entertainment Channel

Also, these channels provide an overview of the basic channels you will see on the TSTV Africa direct-to-home platform. It tries to reach a broad range of people with as much TV content as it can. The channels offered here are;

  1. Grande Comedy.
  2. Nigeria Central Television.
  3. Fox Entertainment Group.
  4. Ben TV.
  5. AIT
  6. Rave TV.
  7. Fox Life.
  8. Trybe
  9. Spice
  10. E! Africa.

TSTV Channels For Movie

It also provides its users with the best movies. Here you get to watch recent movies and series and even record on your decoder. There is a channel so no matter your age or mood, you will not be left out. The channel in this genre are;

  1. Grande Movies.
  2. Movie Box HD.
  3. MBC 2.
  4. TeleNovela
  5. MBC Action.
  6. MBC Max.
  7. Televista
  8. Nina TV.

TSTV Channel For Kids

These channels are made for your kids who are always looking for trending cartoons and animes to watch. However, just because they are for children doesn’t mean adults and teens can’t watch them. They help to take the edge any day and any time. So no matter what age or class your kids are in, one thing you can be sure of is that they will love you for it. The kid’s channels that are offered are;

  1. A1 Kids TV.
  2. Nickelodeon
  3. JimJam
  4. Panda Biggs.

TSTV Channel For Health and Lifestyle 

For those fashion lovers who always want to be informed about the latest fashion and health trends, these channels are you. They provided recent tv content for their viewers as this genre is ever-evolving. The channels include;

  1. AHTV
  2. FLN
  3. Fashion One.

www.TSTV.com Channels For Documentary 

These are channels which show, repeatedly, the current documentaries to inform and educate your family and friends on nature, history, and more. They include;

  1. National Geographic.
  2. National Geographic Wild.
  3. IDX.
  4. ViaSat Nature.
  5. Discovery Science.

TSTV Channel For Music

These show the current music videos which are topping the charts at each moment. No matter the kind of music you listen to; hip-hop, pop, or even rap, there is a channel for you. The channels available in this genre are;

  1. Hits TV.
  2. Trace Africa.
  3. MTV Base Africa.

TSTV Channel For News

These channels provide the latest information from everywhere in the world as it happens. From sports to world events to business these channels will always keep you updated. The channels in the genre are;

  1. CNN.
  2. Aljazeera
  3. BBC News.
  4. Bloomberg.
  5. Channels TV.
  6. TVC Nigeria News.
  7. NTA International.
  8. CGTN

Complete List of TSTV Sports

Sports have dug deep into the culture of Nigeria, especially sports. With this in mind, TSTV tries to meet the sports demand of Nigerians and Africa as a whole. These sports show sports programs like the EPL, UEFA champions league, and Formula 1. With these channels, you get all the sports programs you can handle. The sports channels are;

  1. Grande Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
  2. BEIN Sports HD 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.
  3. EURO Sports.
  4. Fox Sports 1.
  5. Fox Sports 2.
  6. Combat Sports.

TSTV Channels For Religious Activities

Nigeria is a religious country which more than one religion. That is why TSTV Africa offers several religious channels which will suit the religious of everyone. These channels are;

  1. Grande Gospel.
  2. Emmanuel TV.
  3. TBN Africa.
  4. IQRAA
  5. Sunnah Makaranta.
  6. EWTN

With this rich array of high-end TV content, you can rest assured that you will never have a boring day using TSTV Africa. The best part of this is that the TSTV channel are all affordable. You can also choose the number of days you wish to watch the TSTV channels and pay accordingly.