Streamcord – Build Your Twitch Community on Discord

While using Twitch across platforms like Discord, there are different tools you need to implement to successfully use the platform to the fullest. Likewise, one of the most effective ways in which people can find out that you are live on Twitter is through messaging. One of the most powerful tools to use is Streamcord which allows you to be able to build your Twitch community across Discord.

Streamcord - Build Your Twitch Community on Discord

Streamcord is suitable for people with a large group of members or just a few people. This offers you a powerful feature that allows you to upgrade your streaming or gaming server to a better experience. It offers the best services and the best experience needed to up your game. Level up your experience to God level which is pretty unbeatable.

Honestly, does a lot of things to its users including allowing the user to know when members in their service bio are going live. It also has a number of cool features and functionalities that will most benefit its users to their satisfaction.

Features of Streamcord

There are of course a lot of benefits and features that Streamcord has to offer to its users to upgrade their experience. Here are some features that the Streamcord has to offer:

  • View detailed information about Twitch users’ profiles.
  • Get all the popular clips.
  • Easily manage your server’s  notifications.
  • Live role from any convenient website.
  • Receive fast and customizable streamer notifications in your Discord Server.
  • Use Streamcord to easily keep up with your favorite streamers.
  • You can also announce people in your eSports league.
  • Create and design the message’s appearance tour preferences with custom text and colors.
  • With Streamcord, you can automatically add a special role to people when they start streaming on Twitch.
  • Streamcord is also available in 29 languages.
  • Configure a custom whitelist to filter specific members.
  • Build your Twitch community on Discord.
  • Listen to any live Twitch stream in voice chat with high quality audio.
  • Net notified when channels go live.
  • Get the top highlights and clips.

Requirements Neded To Use Streamcord

There are only a few requirements needed for the Streamcord activities and they are listed below:

  • All modules must be in the requirements.txt file.
  • A RethinkDB server.
  • A Lavalink node.
  • Datadog but this is optional.
  • Python.
  • rewrite.
  • Proper tokens and keys required by the environmental variables.

Alternatives to Stream cord

There are also a lot of good bots and tools to help moderate your channel or to strengthen your community. Here are alternatives to Streamcord below;

  • Simple poll bot
  • Dyno Bot
  • Equalizer
  • MEE6
  • Medal
  • Translator
  • Vexera
  • GameStats
  • Sesh
  • Discord Dungeons

There are also Discord integrations that allow you to sync important accounts to allow your brand to run smoothly from one platform to another. Such as Nightbot, OBS, XSplit, Streamer mode, YouTube, or Twitch.