Apple iCloud – Sign in and Use

As an iOS device user, have you ever wondered where your files go to and save up when you back them up? Now I will let you know. Apple iCloud is a cloud storage and computing service developed by Apple inc and built into every Apple device. it was built into them for the purpose of helping users of these devices keep safely their files, notes, photos, and documents and make them all available wherever they are. One unique thing about Apple iCloud is that it works automatically and even enables you to store data on remote servers for you to be able to download it to your Mac, iOS, or even your windows devices and share to others.

Apple iCloud - Sign in and Use

Apple iCloud made available means to wirelessly back up iOS devices straight to the Cloud. This is rather than being dependent in manual backups to a host Mac or Windows computers that use iTunes. As the service user, you are also given the privilege to share files and docs. This is with the use of Airdrop wireless connection that is gradually taking out the use of Bluetooth. But before you can use this service or get access to the service, having an Apple ID is very important as you would be required of it when you want to access your iCloud. This Apple ID then serves as your iCloud login credentials. If you don’t have one, you should set up one as aside from iCloud. You might need it to access some other Apple services.

Is Using Apple iCloud Worth it

Yes, Using Apple iCloud is worth it. Why? Without backing up your files and docs to iCloud, if your device goes missing, you can’t get those files back. But once you back up your files and docs to iCloud, even if you mistakenly delete anything from your device or your device gets missing. Just with your Apple ID, you can easily sign in to your account to gain back all your pictures, videos, files, and important documents without any issues.

Even aside from this example, iCloud is still really worth using and it has a lot of benefits attached to it. This is more than just a backup platform and its a file saver platform that enable users to save their files on the Cloud. There is just so much to it but just as it sounds Apple iCloud. Cloud storage is the best way to save and secure your files as you can remotely access them anywhere and anytime.

How to Access Your Apple iCloud

Accessing Apple iCloud is quite easier than you can imagine. Once you have your Apple ID then you have successfully gotten to your account. Besides, when you sign in to your account, as mentioned earlier, you can access all your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts and files. So if you want to access your iCloud to see these things, here are steps on how to sign in to your account below;

  • Visit which is the offical URL.
  • On the next page enter your Apple ID and password.
  • Once you have entered all your information corerectly click on the sign in icon.

Once you have successfully signed in, you can now select files that you have lost and download them back to your device using a Wi-Fi connection and restore lost files on your device. Restoring files might take a while depending on how many files you want to restore. This is a good platform for all Apple users no matter what device you are using.