Sendinblue – Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Are you a business owner trying to grow your business? Have you heard of Sendinblue? It is known as one of the smartest and most intuitive platforms used for growing your business. The platform provides you with the right marketing, sales, and tools that would be used to guide your business and give you the best results. 

Sendinblue - Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business
Sendinblue – Digital Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

Moreover, it is known as one of the Top 100 software companies of the year 2021, leading the way in digital marketing. And it is also rated as the best marketing automation platform for SMBs. Now you can see that the platform is one to be trusted for your business growth.

Sendinblue helps businesses grow relationships through email campaigns, marketing automation, transactional emails, and SMS messages. The platform has the goal of making its world-class customers happy.

Also, customers choose this platform because it has a robust suite of services within a single, user-friendly solution.

Sendinblue Pricing?

You can sign up for free on Sendinblue. But keep in mind that for a free account, what you can do has limits. If you sign up for a free plan, you will have access to unlimited contacts and 300 emails per day.

Sendinblue costs $25 per month and allows you to make unlimited contacts and send emails to approximately 10,000 people per day. That’s not all, as there is also another subscription plan that enables you to connect with more people. It is $99 per month to send 100,000 emails per day.

Is Sendinblue Safe?

Yes, the platform is safe. You can also trust it. Besides, it offers the whole package, which includes a nice email tool, great reports, advanced features, good contact management, and more. And compared to other bigger platforms, nothing is missing on Sendinblue. It is also legit and very helpful with your business growth.

Features of Sendinblue

There are a lot of features that Sendinblue has to offer to its users, who are most especially business owners and developers. Some of these features are tools that would certainly help to improve one’s business.

You would also discover new tools that you could use to improve your business. Sendinblue enables you to communicate, personalize, and also convert. Here are the features under each below:


  • Email marketing
  • Email API
  • SMS marketing
  • Chat
  • Inbox.


  • CRM
  • Marketing Automation
  • Transactional Email


  • Signup Forms
  • Landing Pages
  • Facebook Ads

Here are the features of Sendinblue listed above for you. To find out more and know more about these listed features, you can simply visit Sendinblue’s official website, sign up, register your business, and find out more about what this business-growing platform has for you.

How to Sign Up for Sendinblue

Signing up for Sendinblue is very easy to do. And even just by visiting the website, you can easily figure out how to sign up and be a user of the business growth platform. And if you want to sign up for a free account to test its reliability, you can.

Then later, switch to a paid account if you want to have access to more features of the platform. Here are simple steps on how to sign up below:

  • Visit
  • At the top of the page, click on the “Sign up for free” button.
  • On the redirected page, enter your email
  • Create a password.
  • Then tap “Create an account.”

After that, you should verify your email address by clicking on the link sent to your email account. If you didn’t get any link, you can click on the “resend email link” to get the link.

However, if you want to create an account with your Google account or Apple account instead of creating an account manually, you can do that. Just click on it on the sign-up page and follow the on-screen steps to create an account.

After that, you can now log in to your account with your email address and password by clicking on the login button at the top of the homepage. Then you can now start sending emails and growing your business with Sendinblue.