See How Much the Cheapest Private Jet Cost

Are you looking to secure for yourself and your family a private jet? Or do you need a private jet for other purposes? I will be your guide as you journey to this whole new dimension. So, if you are searching for the cheapest private jet then, you will find it in this blog post.

See How Much the Cheapest Private Jet Cost

I am sure that you are aware of how expensive purchasing a private jet is. And let us not get started on the maintenance cost. But you should not get discouraged because there are some affordable and cheap private jets that you can still purchase. Moreover, these aircraft are still functioning just like new ones. Now, if you are searching for something that does not tear a hole in your pocket, then you will be finding out more information on the lowest-cost private jets.

What Is The Lowest Price Of A Private Jet?

If you want an affordable private plane, then you can go for very light jets. Furthermore, these airplanes are available at affordable prices. So, the cost of buying a private aircraft begins from $1.5 million to $5.5 million. However, this depends on the type of jet as well.

Most Affordable Private Jets Available Today

Even though private jets are expensive and you will be sending a couple of million dollars on them, there are still some cheap and affordable ones that you can purchase. The prices are also good and true. Below are the 7 cheapest private jets:

  1. Learjet 60 – $2 Million.
  2. Embraer Legacy 600 – $10 Million.
  3. Cessna Citation X – $3 Million.
  4. Embraer Phenom 100 – $4.95 Million.
  5. Cirrus Vision Jet – $1.96 Million.
  6. Cessna Citation CJ3 – $7 Million.
  7. Stratos 716X – $3.5 Million.

Cheapest Private Jet – Learjet 60 – $2 Million

If you are a business owner or you need a private jet for your personal use, I will recommend the Learjet 60. Moreso, this aircraft only cost 2 million dollars. Though it is not cheap, the airplane is considered one of the cheapest available today.

Furthermore, entertainers and athletes are a fan of the Learjet 60. This plane is big enough to carry 8 passengers. It also has great features as well.

Embraer Legacy 600 – $10 Million

Embraer Legacy 600 is one of the most affordable private jets available. It is operated by 2 crews and can room up to 14 passengers. So, if you are interested in getting a big aircraft, this is one that you should consider and it only cost $10 million.

Cessna Citation X – $3 Million

One of the lowest price private jets is the Cessna Citation X. Furthermore, to purchase this aircraft, you will need to have $3 million. What’s more, the Cessna Citation X is a full midsize jet and can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

Embraer Phenom 100 – $4.95 Million

Embraer Phenom 100 is another nice and cheap airplane that you can buy if you need something cheap and affordable. Moreover, it has a lot of good features and is also luxurious as well.

In addition, the Embraer Phenom 100 can also be piloted alone and can room up to seven people.

Cirrus Vision Jet – $1.96 Million

One of the most affordable private jets that you can purchase in a heartbeat and a blink of an eye is the Cirrus Vision Jet which only costs $1.96 million. This jet can also accommodate up to seven people.

Cessna Citation CJ3 – $7 Million

The Cessna Citation CJ3 jet is more expensive than the Cessna Citation X but it is still affordable and one of the cheapest. Furthermore, it can cover up to 480 miles per hour and can room 7 passengers.

Stratos 716X – $3.5 Million

Lastly, we have the Stratos 716X which is going for $3.5 million. Though it is cheap does not mean it is not expensive. Moreover, it is very similar to the Cirrus Vision Jet and you can say they are in a competition but you can purchase this aircraft as well.