Lamborghini Yacht – The First Lamborghini Yacht Has Arrived

To everyone who is a huge fan of Lamborghini cars, well I am here to tell you that the Lamborghini Yacht is now also available in the market and ready for sale. Equally important, it is also known as Lamborghini 63.

Lamborghini Yacht - The First Lamborghini Yacht Has Arrived

These Italian automakers are also making and designing boats with their model or blueprints. Furthermore, the very first Lamborghini Yacht is the Lamborghini 63 yacht. This is also a limited one with features that makes it an excellent choice and option for all Lamborghini customers and lovers out there.

So, if you want luxury and comfort while cruising, then this yacht is highly recommended. This yacht was released and launched in 2022 and the used version is also available. So, if you want to go for a less expensive one, then you can purchase those.

Lamborghini Yacht Specs

It comes with nice specs and features that make you excited and amazed when you see one. Here are some of its specifications:

  • 18-foot beam.
  • Twin 24.2-liter MAN V-12 diesel engines.
  • 47 mph cruising speed.
  • Maximum weight of 24 tons.
  • 4794 lb-ft of torque.
  • 6.17 food draft.
  • 4,000 horsepower.

And 60 to 63-knot top speed. So, these are all of the features that make the Lamborghini yacht very unique and special.

Lamborghini Yacht Interior

If you are curious about the interior or internal looks of the Lamborghini 63 yacht, then you are in the right section. In this part of this article, I will be giving you a summary of the interior looks of this vessel.

Firstly, Lamborghini worked together with Tecnomar which is a part of the Italian Sea Group. They are also very well-known for their luxurious speedboats and more. In other words, they shared ideas and worked together for the creation of the Lamborghini yacht.

Secondly, they made use of ideas from most of their previous works to make this boat. Moreover, its exterior is also similar to sports cars made in the future. Thirdly, the internal part has leather pilot seats. In conclusion, the interior is built very similarly to their sports cars.

What Is the Price?

What does it cost? I am sure you all know how expensive their sports cars are and let me not even get started on their new vessel. But the initial price for this boat is $3.5 million.

How Fast Does It Go?

The top speed of the Lamborghini yacht is 60 knots. This means that it can cover up to 69 miles per hour. Compare to other vessels, it is one of the fastest. What’s more, it also needs 100 gallons of fuel at its cruising speed. So, with this feature, it belongs to a range of probably 360 nautical miles.

Where To Buy The Lamborghini Yacht

Online is the best place to purchase it. There are also companies that act like brokers and make the purchase very simple. So, visit online sites and check the reputation of these companies before carrying out further payments.