Pinterest Marketing Tips – Pinterest Marketing Strategies

On the contrary, Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to share visual content, similar to Instagram. But it differs in that every pin can be linked back to your website or other content. Pinterest marketing tips are a strategy used to increase awareness of your business. Pinterest helps businesses to drives organic traffic back to their website. Which also helps increase the overall awareness of your brand or business. As you begin to use Pinterest marketing as part of your business marketing strategy.

Pinterest Marketing Tips - Is Pinterest Good for Marketing | Pinterest Marketing Strategies

However, you may find that you need help creating amazing graphics setting up your Pinterest account or even creating the right content. Pinterest marketing tips are for those that want to increase their brand or company awareness. However, you could get more traffic to a company website or increase overall revenue.

Who Pinterest Marketing is Right for?

If you trying to consider Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy then you’ve got the right platform, these are surprising industries that are doing incredibly well on Pinterest like financial advisors, banks, attorneys and tax advisors. Business and professions taking advantage of Pinterest include:

  • Counseling services: counselors can post tips, advice, blog content and pins to other helpful resources
  • Financial advisors: advisers can pin blog content, testimonials, infographics or links to lead magnets that encourage engagement
  • Real estate agents: agents can pin testimonials, consultation tips and also blog contents which are best to showcase for agents to see.
  • Attorneys: tips on hiring an attorney, humor, blog content and lead magnets are all great options for attorneys using Pinterest.

If your business is focused on producing amazing content, that you would like to get more visibility than what a Facebook post or a few tweets can provide, Pinterest is a wonderful platform to solve that. With Pinterest’s search engine, you can see a blog post or article resurfaces as a popular pin that is bringing traffic to your website.

How to Market on Pinterest?

This is several steps on how to market on Pinterest:

  • Set up your Pinterest business account: when you set up a business account on Pinterest this gives you the privileged to critical advertising features this includes feature likes analytics, reporting, board showcases, and added profile elements. As well as the ability to create a “Pin It” button for your website. Promote and buyable pins are also only available to those with a business account.
  • At the Pinterest business portal;
  • Go to once you land on the Pinterest business page
  • Next, select sign up
  • Then, enter your email address, password and business name.

Note: use some care when selecting your business name. Instead of just putting in the name of your company, stop and think about what people might look for if they were searching for your company on Pinterest. Moreover, you can decide to change your business name at any time.