6 Websites to Help Train Your Brain

What are the best websites to help train my brain? In this review, we will be highlighting and discussing the 6 best websites to help train your brain. Whether you are a young adult searching for various games to train your brain, this article is for you. In the meantime, games cannot just provide you with entertainment; they can also improve your cognitive skills. It is one of the best ways for elderly people and children to improve mental functioning and also prevent their brains from aging.

6 Websites to Help Train Your Brain

Research has shown that brain training can also enhance memory response time, improve attention levels, improve logic skills, and improve other measures of cognitive function for a long time. Although not all games can sharpen your thinking skills, there are so many games and websites out there you can make use of. The key is finding the right websites that are challenging but fun. No need to worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ve carefully handpicked some of the best websites to train your brain. Check out our list below.

6 Websites to Help Train Your Brain

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the top six (6) websites that can help train your brain. It is worthy of note that these websites can be accessed and used by young and older adults. Also, these games are fun to play at any time. Check out the list below:

1 Web Sudoku

One of the best games to help train or sharpen your brain is a well-known game that deals with solving a numeric puzzle using logic. In this game, you are expected to fill a 9×9 grid such that every row, column, and 3×3 box contains each digit from 1 without repetition.

Meanwhile, you can play Sudoku online using your mobile phone or computer’s web browser. Or you can download and install the mobile app from your Android or iOS play store. It is worthy of note that Sudoku puzzles are available in various degrees of difficulty. Hence, when trying to play this game, start by playing the easy game until you’ve learned the rules of the game.

2 BrainGymmer

Another website where you can find diverse brain tests and games is BrainGymmer. This website was made with the help of neuroscientists, and it boasts over 300,000 users. In addition, BrainGymmer has a wide range of brain tests and games arranged in different categories.

The best part is that you can access this website for free and play ten games and six brain tests. However, you can play three games and take up to 27 tests when you sign up for the pro plan.

3 SharpBrains

SharpBrains is another excellent website for people of all ages to play brain-training games. On this website, you will find different games that can help improve your logical thinking skills, cognitive abilities, and pattern recognition.

In addition, SharpBrains hosts different visual illusions and entertaining games to train your brain. It also features games to improve your memory and concentration. They also publish teasers to improve each cognitive function. SharpBrains is one of the best platforms to train your brain and also have fun.

4 Braingle

Another website that can help train your brain is Braingle. This website has thousands of brain teasers, games, and puzzles to help train your brain.

When you visit the official websites, on their homepage, you will find four different types of activities, including puzzles, trivia, mental games, and games. You can use any of these categories to find a game to play on the website.

5 Lumosity

Lumosity is a popular and well-established brain-training and mental fitness game. You can sign up for an account on their official websites for free. The website boasts different fun games arranged in different categories. You can find cognitive-skills-targeted games.

Also, you will find games to exercise your memory and improve your attention and thinking speed. Other games on this platform include problem-solving games, flexibility games, math games, and comprehension games. Note: You can access Lumosity for free, but the free membership is limited; you will have to sign up for a premium plan to enjoy other features on the site.

6 MentalUP

Just as the name implies, MentalUp is a platform with the aim of helping its members improve their cognitive skills while having fun. It features fun and educational games. Also, it has several addictive and stimulating brain games for children of all ages. Games on this platform include brain exercises and simulation games.

In addition, it has logic puzzles, language games, and math games for children. MentalUp is mainly designed for kids, and the games on the site are interactive, colorful, and engaging. It also helps to enhance theory, focus, problem-solving, imagination, and conceptualization skills. You can play games on this platform directly from their official websites for free.

Bottom Line

The above-listed websites are the top six platforms where you can play brain-training games for free or at a small cost. Playing these games can help improve your memory, problem-solving skills, concentration, and more. Whether you are young or old, you should try out these websites, as they are beneficial for aging brains.