Personal Care Aide Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Are you a certified personal care aide in search of jobs in USA that comes with visa sponsorship? Or would you like yo work in the United States of America and earn at least $35,000 – $45,000? This very blog post is for you then. As we all know that there are lots of job opportunities for immigrants in the USA and personal care aide jobs are among them. If you are a personal care aide, all you have to do is work for individuals and families privately. Therefore, before you are certified to be a professional personal care aide, you have to go through some formal training. You provide personal care to the clients in their homes.

Furthermore, as a personal care aide working in the USA, you have to help the people in need of your remain as independent as possible like those who are just recovering from an illness or surgery. Meanwhile, you must have an experience on the job or very good formal training before you will be able to provide the clients personal care in their homes.  Also, you have an opportunity to offer your companionship to children as well as adults and also help them to perform the tasks in the household. Also, you provide the service of bathing, eating, dressing and so much more.

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Who Is A Personal Care Aide?

Nevertheless, a personal care aide is an individual that has gone through formal training to assist people that are physically disabled, convalescents, and elderly with their day-to-day activities either in the home or care facility.  However, their day-to-day activities will be from making their beds, washing dishes, doing their laundry, and preparing their meals. They also help those that are battling chronic diseases and mental ailments.

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Responsibilities Of a Personal Care Aide

  • Support, comfort, and company to clients that are frail, immobile, or that are just recovering
  • To the important parties, personal care aides report the changes seen in the clients emotionally, mentally, and physically
  • Helping with their duties for housekeeping like helping them to do their laundry, cleaning, and preparing their meals as well
  • Support with the client’s personal hygiene like bathing, dressing, helping with bathroom visit,s and brushing teeth
  • Helping with the finances of the household like running errands, bills, and payments
  • Engaging them in outdoor activities like having conversations, taking walks, and playing games
  • Arranging for transportation to medical appointments and accompanying clients on outings
  • Supplying assistance with mobility, such as wheelchair and walking aid support
  • Preserving a clean, orderly, and secure environment
  • Administering prescribed treatments, dispensing medications, and helping patients with their exercise regimens.

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The average Salary Personal Care Aide Earn in USA

Nonetheless, in the United States, personal care assistants make an average salary of $27,552 per year, or $13.25 per hour. The bottom 10% of personal care assistants in that range, or those who earn less than $22,000 annually, do so while the top 10% earn more than $34,000.

Amazingly, How much a personal care assistant makes depends on where they work. Alaska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Massachusetts are the states with the highest wages for personal care assistants.

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Personal Care Aide Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

  • Patient Care Aide-PCA
  • Personal Care Aide with NA Certification
  • Also, Personal Care Aide {Entry Level} in Tri-Valley Areas
  • Personal Care Aide for Community Day Program
  • In-Home Patient Care Assistant- PCA
  • Personal Care Assistant {PCA} – Calling All Caregivers
  • Online Personal Care Aide W/ FREE Training
  • Personal Care Aide / Mesa
  • Home Personal Care Assistant
  • Personal Care Aide PCA Jonesburg

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Requirements Needed to Be a Personal Care Aide

  • GED or high school diploma
  • Preferably, a National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC)
  • A minimum of two years in a comparable position
  • Thorough understanding of ideal techniques for giving personal care
  • Willing to work erratic hours, including weekends, holidays, and night shift
  • Knowledge of how to administer prescribed drugs and treatments
  • Many years of experience helping people with mobility and personal hygiene
  • Possessing the ability to cook, clean, pay bills, and run errands
  • Excellent interpersonal abilities, compassion, and physical fitness are required
  • Ability to keep a clean and secure living space

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How to Become A Personal Care Aide

Interestingly, with excellent on-the-job training and opportunities for career advancement, working as a personal care assistant can be a rewarding career. It is ranked as the second-best job without a college degree by U.S. News & World Report for 2022. The following are the ways you can become a personal care aide in USA with visa sponsorship.

  • Meeting up to their requirements on education
  • All the necessary requirements must be completed
  • Attain Certifications
  • A good personal care aide skill must be built
  • You must have the ability and tools to meet the personal care aide job
  • Decide where you want to work
  • Check the job outlook and salary
  • Start working

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