PayPal Returns – Return Shipping Refund | PayPal Returns on US

How can I return items or something through PayPal or how much does PayPal collect for return shipping? On the contrary, there are two basic concepts of PayPal returns. We have the PayPal refund returns and also the PayPal returns shipping. But this article we will be talking about the PayPal refund shipping. But, if you care to find out more about the refund return, you can explore the article on this page. However, PayPal is one of the best and secure places for an online transaction & shipping.  

PayPal Returns - Return Shipping Refund | PayPal Returns on US

Furthermore, many businesses and individuals make use of the PayPal account. For day-to-day transactions which includes sending & receiving money, paying bills, shopping and lots more. For business use, it’s made as an option for payment when purchasing items and also PayPal get involves with the shipping services as well. However, when you purchase something through PayPal. The service actually refund your shipping cost if you decide to send the item back. However, PayPal returns shipping offers up to $45 per return and the number of returns for each year is 8.  

How Much PayPal Pay for Returns Shipping?  

First of all, PayPal is the safest online shipping platform where your purchase and money are well protected through your PayPal account. Based on the protective custody on purchase. PayPal helps you to get your money back if the order that was sent to you is wrong.  Likewise, whether, its delivery time was wrong, or wrong size and even decide to change your mind on order.

PayPal actually refund your return shipping cost up to $45 per return based on the eligibility of PayPal purchases alongside Refunded Returns. However, if you’re not happy or satisfied with your order. You can simply request a return shipping through the next outline below.  

How to Get your Refund back on Returns Shipping  

However, the procedure is very simple and for those that have already activated the refunded returns. You can simply log in to your personal account and select a refund from the original transaction. While for a business account you can go to the link to submit your request.  

To request money back on return shipping in PayPal: 

  • Simply, sign up for an online payment service with PayPal.  
  • Then, you can activate the Refunded Returns and then access online shopping with your PayPal account.  
  • However, if the requirement meets the return shipping, you can submit a request with proof of return.  
  • Then, your refund or money will appear on your PayPal account and it takes 5 business days to appear on your account.  

Keep in mind, the time limit to submit a request with proof of return should be of 30 days of return and also 150 days of purchase. That’s all you need to know about the PayPal returns. If you want to request for return refund from seller on the something you purchase you can contact the seller or create a dispute.