Office 365 Outlook Contacts – Export Outlook Contacts | Outlook Contacts

Office 365 contacts also known as outlook 365 contacts, is one part of the program that is very important and helpful. Because it can also be used in other programs just by exporting it from the office 365 program. Office 365 contacts are one of the most important parts of the program since office 365 is mainly used by most business organizations to make the running of the organization easier. The contacts in the program help the company because most business organization makes use of contacts.

Office 365 Outlook Contacts - Export Outlook Contacts | Outlook Contacts

The program office 365 is very important because of its ability to save contacts, sending messages, accessing email and so many other important things. The program has been known over the years because of all its abilities and also because of its ability, most office workers have proclaimed it the best at handling office duties.

Why Use Office 365 Outlook Contacts

Using office 365 contacts is something you should find necessary because of the reasons I will be listing for you below. Reasons for using office 365 contacts are as follows:

  • Firstly, office 365 enables users to group their contacts into different varieties
  • It saves a large number of contacts and files
  • It enables users to send a large number of contacts as long as they are in groups
  • You can send messages to a large number of people in outlook just, just by placing them in groups
  • It makes accessing old contacts easier just by placing them in groups
  • Creating contacts in outlook is much easier than creating in other office programs

This apparently, is the list of reasons why you need to start using the Office 365 Outlook Contacts. However, during the process of importing your contact to Office 365, you can find more interesting factors.

How to Create Contacts in Office 365

Creating office 365 contacts is very easy and it also comprises two ways either by adding contacts from the people’s tab or by adding a new contact directly from outlook on the web. And to do that all you have to is to follow the steps I will be listing for you. Steps to follow in order to create contacts are as follows:

Adding contacts from the Peoples tab

  • First select  people from the login screen
  • Click the new icon at the top of the screen
  • An option would be given to you to either create new contacts or a new group. Click create a new contact
  • Fill out the contact information when you are done click save
  • And your new contacts will appear in your contact file.
  • That is for adding contacts to the people’s tab

Adding a New Contact Directly From Outlook

  • First, open a new message with a contact you would like to add to your contacts
  • Click the square icon on the left of your contact email address and a menu will appear
  • Click the add icon and Confirm that the contact template is filled with the complete information you want to save
  • Then, click Save.

Finally, that is how to add or create new contacts in office 365. That was not so hard to accomplish, was it. afterward, you can install the Outlook app to your mobile phone so as to access your contact directly from anywhere.