PayPal Receive Money – How do I Receive Money Through PayPal

How do I receive money with my PayPal account? When talking about electronic means of making transactions online. The first thing that pop-up on your mind is PayPal. On the contrary, PayPal is an American very own company that is known across various countries. The service is designed as a worldwide online payment system whereby you can send money, receive money, and also purchase items online with your PayPal account. However, the concept of PayPal Receive Money is a system on PayPal dashboard where you can receive money on the transaction you were involved in or when some sent money to your PayPal account.

PayPal Receive Money - How do I Receive Money Through PayPal

Nowadays, you see people using credit cards and debit cards to make payments as well as send money to people. PayPal is the new generation of mobile online transactions, eliminating the need to use traditional paper methods of transactions. Whenever someone sent you money or funds your account. Hence, PayPal immediately notifies you that you have been credit and you can decide to receive the money by withdrawing it or reject the money.

How do I Receive Money with my PayPal Account?

Just like I stated earlier if someone sends you money, a message appears on the notification panel. In other to start receiving payment, the first thing you need to do is confirm your email address. Also, you can use the manual method in other to receive payment. Once you have received the payment, immediate, the payment appears in your Paypal account balance.

Some of the means you can use to receive payment:

  • One you can make use of the PayPal payment solution.
  • With PayPal Here to receive payment in person.
  • With the use of your email address, the sender can easily pay to your account right away.
  • Also, you can as well create a personalized “PayPal.Me” link.

Moreover, sending an online invoice to customers allows you to directly receive payment to your account balance. Finally, once the payment appears where you want them to be, you can withdraw the cash to your normal bank account.

How do I Accept a Payment in Another Currency?

Should in case someone sent your money in another currency that’s bigger. Initially, the payment you receive will be placed on Unclaimed. In that section, you can decide to accept or refuse the money in another currency.

To accept in another currency:

  • Visit your login page in other to access your account.
  • Locate the section of the page ‘Activity’.
  • Then select accept.
  • Click Submit.

Accepting the payment in another currency will actually convert the money to your primary currency. Also, when you accept the payment, you can also open a new balance in that currency. But in case you refuse the payment, it will be immediately refunded to the sender.