Can I have a joint account with PayPal? Many families don’t like making a joint account with their wife or husband. Probably due to one reason or the other, initially making a joint account isn’t bad and it helps you plan for the future. However, if you and your husband or wife have a PayPal account, you can create a joint account with PayPal. On the contrary, the PayPal Joint Account is a system where multiple account holders can link that account together as a single PayPal account.

PayPal Joint Account - PayPal Account

In case you’re wondering if the platform allows a joint account. Yes, PayPal online transaction service allows you to set up permission to request for a joint account with your current account using the PayPal official website or the mobile app. Meanwhile, there are two ways in creating a joint account, either you add the person to your account. or you can decide to set up a multi-user access. In the meantime, this will lead us to the process on how to get started with PayPal joint account.

How do I Set Up Multi-user Access on PayPal Here?

The requirement to create or set up a multi-user access must be a business account. In other words, only business accounts can access this feature. In other to begin, you must log in to your PayPal account with the link Also, you must use your primary account to set them up even on your mobile phone.

  • Once, you log in to your account click the Settings icon.
  • Next, Account Access where you see Account & Security.
  • Afterward, you can click Update beside the option “Manage Users”.
  • Click Add Users.

A new screen will open where you need to add users, and from there fill in the required texts. The require text includes First & Latest name, User ID, and also Manage Invoice permission. Afterward, you need to select the necessary permission to grant users.

How do I Add Users to my PayPal Account?

Also, this is an alternative means in which you can use to create a joint account. Meanwhile, this application is also available to customers with a business account. That means, all priority fall in creating a business account.

  • Log in to your account and click the Settings icon.
  • Click Account Access on Account & Security settings.
  • Afterward, click Update beside the option “Manage Users”.
  • Click Add Users.

You can notice that the application of setting up a multi-user and add users to PayPal are similar. However, this process helps to you add more than 150 employees and each of them with a unique login ID as well as a level of authority.