PayPal Order History – My PayPal Purchase History

How can I access my order history on my PayPal account? On the contrary, after purchasing items using your PayPal account, there’s a section or part which actually stores every single history of the transactions you have made for the month which is known as the PayPal Order History or Purchase History. The PayPal order history is used to keep track of all your purchases of the year and this also helps to track pending orders.  However, the PayPal order history keeps a clean record of all your transactions in your account.

PayPal Order History - My PayPal Purchase History

Another thing you need to understand about the PayPal order history is that it serves as a security purchase or checkup. For instance, through the PayPal transaction history, you view all the transactions you made and also others which you didn’t cater to. In other words, you can identify if someone uses your account to purchase or order an item online without you knowing. The most exciting part is that your PayPal order history date of transaction, transaction type, name, and other important information.

How do I Access my PayPal transaction History or Activity?

Notwithstanding, most people regard the transaction history as a means of security check-up. This helps you to know and see every single detail concerning a particular order that has been made. As I mention, in the history section, you can find out the date, name, status and also the amount of money associated with the particular items you didn’t order.

To view your transaction history:

  • Use your PayPal login details to access your account through the link
  • Once you’ve logged into your account, click on the My PayPal button.
  • Then click the last option Activity located at the top of the page.

These following steps will automatically take you to the PayPal order history and you can view all the activities as well as transaction info by transaction type & date. Moreover, aside from just viewing your transaction history, you can as well review some issues.

How do I View Refunds in my History Log?

Just like I mention there are certain things you can do in the section of the PayPal order history. Also, since the history log keeps records of incoming and outgoing transactions within your PayPal account. You can also view refunds for the history log.

  • Simply access the transaction with the steps giving.
  • From the last option where you click Activity.
  • After that, you can add special filters by clicking Advanced Filters and select Refunds.
  • Then you can choose a date in other to navigate the date box.
  • Finally, click Search.

Furthermore, when you click the “search” icon the page will load for the while in other to navigate your actual search. Another thing you can do from the transaction history is that you can download all your transaction history for the purpose of what you want to use them for.

How to Download your Transaction History on PayPal

Probably, you want to use transaction history as a reference purpose or something important. The downloading your transaction data is possible. Hence, here is the quickest way to download your PayPal order history or transaction history. 

  • From the Activity page, click Statement.
  • After that, select Standard.
  • Under the date section, you can choose the monthly account statement.
  • Click Download.

Keep in mind from this section you can also generate a custom statement simply by selecting Custom under the Statement dropdown. Follow the instruction and from there create a report.