Find My iPhone App – How To Find Your Lost iPhone | Find My

How can I find my iPhone that was stolen or mislaid? Do you know that you can actually make use of an application that allows you to track down your iOS devices just like a GPS tracker? The Find My iPhone app is actually the application designed by Apple Inc, to make your find not only your iPhone device. But also your iPad, iPod touch, Mac and even find your friends. Yes, the new reinvention of Find My combines with features such as Find My iPhone and Find My Friends to help keep tabs of things that are important to you.

Find My iPhone App - How To Find Your Lost iPhone | Find My

Probably, you’re wondering how to use Find My iPhone app to down track my iPhone that I already lost. In the meantime, Find My iPhone app comes with a special integrated feature that allows you to access feature to help track down your iPhone. All you need to do is install the application on your friend’s iPhone to track down your iPhone with your Apple ID. However, one of the features allows you to shut down activities such as calls, texts, data use and others.

Where is Find my iPhone App

On the contrary, Find My iPhone operates with iOS operating systems of version 8.0 or later and also iCloud. Also, the Find My app is another application which operates on iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS. Therefore, you can choose to use any of the application depending on your iOS operating system. However, since this article is about Find My iPhone, we will deliberate a simple step on how to use Find My iPhone to track down your devices. In addition, you can visit the Apple store to download the Find My iPhone app on someone iOS device.

How to Set Up Find My iPhone

In the meantime, you can use the following any of the iOS devices to launch the Find My iPhone app. The only thing is that, your device must meet the requirement above. Afterward, once you’ve installed the application on your iOS devices:

  • Go to your device setting and click Your Name > iCloud and Find My iPhone.
  • Then you can sign in your Apple ID and then turned on the Find My (device).

Afterward, you can follow the instruction on the feature you would like to turn on. Either “Enable Offline Finding” which is accessible on iOS 13 or iPadOS. Another feature included “Send Last Location” which shown you the last location of your device before it went offline.

How to Find your Missing iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Furthermore, the Find My iPhone app is more like a GPS tracking that allows you to find the approximate location of your following lost device. First of all, before, you can use the application to locate your device. The device you’re using to locate your device must set up the application already. Then you can use the following steps.

  • Access the Find My iPhone on and then click the icon All device.
  • Then you will see a list of dots, the green dot indicates online while the gray dot indicates offline.
  • However, from the dots, you can use the location where your device was active.
  • Then select the device you lost, if the device is online, you can navigate the approximate location of the device shown on the map.

In addition, if you find out that the device has been offline, all you need to do is check the last known location of the device. Then you can click the Notify When Found in other to receive an email immediately it comes online.