PayPal for NonProfits – PayPal Nonprofit Set Up

How can I set up a PayPal account for a Nonprofit? This question bothers so many people, and you won’t like to know the learn and other facts about PayPal for NonProfits stay tuned to this article. On the contrary, PayPal for NonProfits is actually used to raise more money. This is more like a fundraising platform where people can donate funds for a particular cause. Right now, using the online transaction service enables people to have easy access to quickly donate money online.

PayPal for NonProfits - PayPal Nonprofit Set Up

However, don’t you know that without using a PayPal account you can actually donate for Non-profitable cause? Currently, PayPal allows people to use different kinds of debit and credit cards which included “Visa Card, American Experience, Mastercard, and other international accepted cards to donate funds. Concerning PayPal for NonProfits, in 2019 over $6.5 billion funds were raised for over 450,000 nonprofits. The amazing aspect is that you can also donate funds through the mobile phone online.

Why Do Nonprofits Organizations choose to Uses PayPal

On the contrary, over 500,000 Charites, School, Crowdfunder, Nonprofits, Cancer program, and others from around the world trust PayPal in terms of raising funds for them. Based on the reach PayPal raise funds of up to over a billion-dollar every dollar and lots of people use the platform for daily transactions.

  • Access your funds quickly: the rate at which people donate money is faster than excepted. Within a minute when the donor donates money, it immediately shows up in your PayPal account.
  • Be in great company: just like I mention the profit non-profit organization generated from PayPal. Donors actually love donating on PayPal based on the convenience and secure transaction provided to people. 
  • Track every dollar and donor: you actually have access to certain features like monthly statements, instant transaction searches and other parts of your PayPal account. this also allows you to give control of access to your employees in special tasks.
  • Secure Donation Transaction. You don’t’ need to be afraid of scammers or fraudsters. Because the platform is well secure with automatic fraud screening in other to keep both the donor and yourself safe.  Alongside, PC complaint, you don’t need to worry about anything.

In summary, PayPal for NonProfits appears to be one of the fast and easy ways in which people can conveniently enjoy the service of fundraising. The fascinating aspect of donation is that donors don’t even need to have a PayPal account and the set up is very easy.

How to Create a Donate Button for PayPal for Nonprofits

Furthermore, keep in mind, that this is actually saying how can I set up PayPal for NonProfits. First,  there are different steps in setting up PayPal for the No-profits donation button. Don’t need to worry we will go through the steps. The steps include the following:

Open the PayPal Button creation page:

  • Access your PayPal business account and open your PayPal account summary page.
  • Then click Tool from the top page and also All Tools.
  • Next, you need to scroll down to the section where you see PayPal buttons and click Open.
  • After that, you need to choose the category of a button you want to create. Select the type of button you want to create.
  • Then will the create PayPal payment button page opens and showcase a buttons configuration setting.

Step 1: Choose your button style: designed the way you want your button to look like when donors see it. Fill out the following options.

  • Country
  • Language
  • Select the size of your PayPal button as well to showcase accepted card logos.
  • When you decide to select a button image to provide the URL for your button image. Keep in mind it must be HTTPs and the file format must be jpg, png or gif.
  • Click Continue.

Step 2: Add organization name and logo: select a format to display how your organization name and logo look.

  • Provide the URL for your logo.
  • Already your organization name is filled based on your account information.
  • Provide your organization’s purpose and decide whether you want to put a list of programs or not.
  • Click Continue.

Step 3: Set donation amounts: set up your currency donation and the actual amount.

  • Choose the currency.
  • Then select the exact amount you want people to raise.
  • Choose the option of whether to enable donors to male recurring monthly funds.
  • Then click Continue.

The Last step is very simple, all you need to provide is an option to get info from donors, route donors back to your site and others from the adjust optional settings. After, setting up your PayPal for nonprofits, you can view and you want to make changes, simply go to the edit setting or manage buttons.