Breaking Limits – Shiloh 2019 Theme | Living Faith Church

Winner Chapel International is one of the well-known and respected Churches in Nigeria and all over the World. Whenever it’s usually toward the ending of the year Living Faith Church Worldwide host a global program which most of us are aware of especially member of the Winner Chapel International. The annual convocation for Shiloh 2019 is giving to be mind-blowing, and full of prophetic words. Breaking Limit is the theme for the Shiloh annual convocation for this year 2019. Learn more about the Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits and date.

Breaking Limits - Shiloh 2019 Theme | Living Faith Church

Understanding the concept of life is very difficult except you have the spirit of the Lord in you. There are some people living in bondage, facing one difficulty or the other and most of them don’t’ have an idea of the mystery behind their problem. This is actually not the time you need to sleep or worry that someday it’s will be better. This the right time you need to pray in other for all the limitations you’re facing in life to be broken. Breaking Limits of marital life, difficult in marriage. Employment and others. During the program, something powerful and unexcepted will be happening, come and experiences GOD during the Breaking Limits Service.

When is the Starting Date of the Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits?

Before going into the date of the biggest church event in Nigeria I will like to share one of the testimonies concerning the Lord doing in the life of members of Winner Chapel International. There was a testimony of a lady suffering for sinusitis for more than 20 years. The lady found it every hard to breathe well and she has a problem of a runny nose on a daily basis.

However, the lady experiences the Shiloh event on September 30, 2010, and she came to the Shiloh because of the problem she was facing. During the event precisely on Friday which as the Shiloh Mantle Impartation she receives her heading from the prophetic word the Bishop said and she was made whole again. No matter what the problem it’s might be, no matter the report of the doctor or from your family, there is a God that can Break every limitation in your life.

Furthermore, experience the full power in your life during the Shiloh 2019 Breaking Limits which is precisely on December 3rd -8th 2019. Give your blessing and other things you need from GOD. but don’t forget to expect the lord as your only salvation and all thing will manifest in his Glory.

How to Download the Shiloh Prayer Guidelines

Contrarily, there also a prayer guideline in which you can pray before the main event. Visit the link and click the option Click here. Once, you’ve downloaded the prayer guidelines, you can view them.