Standard Bank App – How to Download Standard Bank App

Standard Bank App - How to Download Standard Bank App

Standard bank in an attempt to provide bank apps to everyone and everywhere created a banking app for its customers. With the standard bank app, you are able to carry out transactions easily, pay for bills and much more from anywhere. The standard bank app allows you to manage your … Read more

Tomb Raider 2018 Movie – Tomb Raider Premiere 

Tomb Raider 2018 Movie - Tomb Raider Premiere 

The tomb raider is a 2018 American action movie directed by Roar Uthang, written by Genava Robertson Dworet and Allister Siddons. This is not the first tomb raider movie. There have been two tomb raider movies previously namely tomb raider and tomb raider the cradle of life released in 2001 … Read more

Black Panther : Marvel Movies |

Black Panther : Marvel Movies |

One of the most rated movies for 2108 as the year begins was Black Panther. This is a movie that has an all-time view of the cinema based the black superhero. The movie Black Panther reflect true African story as it based on a black superhero. This is said to … Read more

Fidelity Bank – Fidelity Online Banking

Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank is one of Nigeria’s leading banks with numerous assets both in Nigeria and Africa. The bank is well known for providing banking products which are customer oriented. Their banking practices are guided by its missions and objectives to move forward. The bank strives to be the best in … Read more

Standard Bank – Also Trading as Stanbic Bank

Standard Bank

Standard bank can be said to be South Africa’s largest bank with offers to customers a wide range of financial services. By financial services, we mean that they provide regular commercial banking services. They also offer Forex, investment and insurance services among others. Standard bank can be found in over … Read more

TSTV Channel – Full List of Channels

TSTV Channel

TSTV Channel – TV Stations you need to know Surely, we all know about the new cable tv referred to as TSTV Africa. For those who do not know TSTV is a satellite TV service that provides direct to home tv content to Nigerians. It is the first cable tv in … Read more

TSTV – Connecting Your World | TSTV Africa


For a long period of time the cable TV market in Nigeria has been monopolized by one service producer. TSTV Africa is here to break up that monopoly. If you caught yourself wondering what TSTV stands for the acronym refers to Telecom Satellite TV. It is a cable tv which … Read more

TSTV Dealers – List of Accredited TSTV Dealers

TSTV Dealers

At this moment TSTV is only in available in Nigeria but they hope to expand to other parts of Africa as time goes on. TSTV Africa is the first cable tv which is owned by a Nigerian and provides direct to home. TSTV provide top quality cable tv content for … Read more