Netflix on Apple Watch – How to Watch Netflix

Each passing day we experience another side of technology and our expectations are getting higher. Netflix on Apple watch is something an apple watch owner would love to experience. A lot of people doubt the possibility of this but we see as we move further to the article. Without beating around the bush, the Apple watch does not support streaming apps such as Netflix and Disney.

Netflix on Apple Watch - How to Watch Netflix

This might be disappointing to all Apple watch users but you cannot download the Netflix app on your apple watch. So streaming your favorite shows and movies sounds impossible right now. But all hope is not lost as you can still live stream your iPhone’s camera to stream Netflix on your watch.

Netflix is currently one of the most popular streaming services in the United States and the world at large. Before now Netflix subscribers have been able to download and select programs on the service. And this program they can watch offline if they chose to. However, Netflix subscribers can do this across any platform and devices of their choice, for instance, IPadOS, iOS, Windows, and Android.

Does Apple Watch have a camera?

Sadly no, the Apple watch does not have a camera and you cannot take pictures with it as well. But there is an in-built app camera remote that allows you to connect to your iPhones camera. this way you will be able to see on the watch what your iPhone camera is seeing and it will also have a remote shutter button.

How to watch Netflix on Apple watch

As we have noted earlier Netflix on Apple Watch is impossible as there is no official way to install the Netflix app on the Apple watch. But I would suggest that you live stream Netflix through your iPhones camera. Here is how to live stream Netflix on your Apple watch.

  • You have to start by watching Netflix on your television, computer, or laptop
  • Then position your phone so that the camera is pointing to the screen that is playing Netflix
  • Now, once the phone is set up you can use the Watch OS camera App on your Apple Watch to monitor your iPhone camera on the Apple watch.

However, this might not be an effective solution but it is the only way to make it happen.

How to watch videos on an Apple Watch?

As it is not possible to watch Netflix on Apple Watch, it is not possible to watch videos on Apple watch expect if the file is attached to a text message that is SMS or iMessage.

  • When you receive the message, tap the video thumbnail
  • Immediately the video should start to play
  • Tap the screen to pause the video
  • Then tap again to resume playback
  • You can adjust the volume with the Digital crown at this point

So when you are finished just tap done and you can return to the messaging app to watch the video later.

How to Watch TV on any Apple Watch

Since Netflix on Apple Watch isn’t available you can still watch TV on your Apple watch if you feel bored. Follow me and let me show you how to remote control your Apple Tv through your Apple watch.

  • First, you have open the remote control app on your watch and add your Apple TV
  • On your Apple TV go to settings, remotes, and devices
  • Then select the Apple watch
  • Enter the Apple watch passcode shown on your Apple TV

That is it; you have been able to successfully watch TV on your Apple watch. Now you can enjoy watching all the TV shows available.