Instagram Reels – Introducing Instagram Reels And How To Use Them

The moment we all have been waiting for, the introduction of the Instagram Reels is already out for users in the United States and other parts of the country. On the contrary, Facebook just release a new version of a video-sharing app similar to Tik Tok. We are proud to announce to you that Facebook just launched the Instagram Reels as a means of creating and discovering short entertaining videos on the Instagram platform. However, the feature is similar to TikTok where you can create short funny videos to share with friends, family, and fans.

The new release Reels allow you to create funny videos of about 2 minutes in which you can share with friends or users on Instagram. Through the integrated video recording, you can record and edit 15-second multi-clip through the use of features like audio, effect, and also the new built-in creative tools. Instagram Reels allows you to share your reels or videos with followers in the feed. Plus, for users with a public account, this also enables you to share reel to a wide range of Instagram community by using the new space in the Explore section.

Features of the Creating Reels on Instagram Reels

First of all, the Instagram Reels isn’t a separate application just like the Tik Tok, it’s said to be built-in as a feature on the Instagram app. One of the interesting features is Create Reels which enables you to create videos. Here are some of the feature for creating Reels:

  • Audio: from the audio folder you can search for a wide range of songs in which you can use on your Reels. Plus, you can also decide to use your audio by recording a reel using the audio.
  • AR Effects: the recording camera is also built-in with AR Effects. Where you can create a creative character on your videos from the number effect from the effect gallery.
  • Timer and Countdown: just like the normal camera feature. The Instagram Reels allows you to set a countdown or time you want to video to start recording.
  • Align: the feature allows you to set up objects that include your previous video clip before recording another video. This will enable you to create a line of transitions from where you start ending to the end.

Finally, the Speed is another interesting feature where you can decide whether you want to speed up your video or you want to take it slow. Another interesting thing that different from Tik Tok is that it can record videos in series one at a time or all at once.

How to Share Reels to Friends on Instagram

On the contrary, Instagram provides you with a suitable experience where you can share your reels. As a matter of fact, there are various ways in which you can share reels. You can either share reels with your Instagram followers. Or you make use of a larger audience like the Instagram community in Explore to share your reels.

  • Share with Public Account: this enables you to share your reel some section in Explore. Under the Explore section, Instagrammers will be able to see reels in the Instagram community.
  • Share with Private Account: the mode at which your videos appear to followers actually depends on your privacy settings. Therefore, if your account is set as a private account, reels will appear to just the people within your privacy.

Immediately, your reals is completely recorded. You can then move to the share screen where you can edit your reel. By changing the cover image, add a caption and also put hashtags. Above all, you can tag friends to your reels. Once you share your reel, then it will appear under the Reels tab. This is separate from the upload videos on your profile.

How to Watch Reels

First of all, Instagram Reels is accessible to all countries around the world which includes countries like the United States, Panama. Plus, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Portugal, El Salvador, Canada, and lots more. However, to access the feature on Instagram, you need to, first of all, have the latest Instagram app on your mobile devices. Therefore, you can visit the Google play store or the App Store to update the Instagram app to the latest version on your Android or iOS devices.

Also, Reels can be found in the Explore section and you can access the best trending videos or culture o Instagram right now. Perhaps you can become the first to engage in the Instagram Reel funny video challenge.