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One of the oldest, interesting, and funny Christmas Comedy Movies you can watch this season is National Lampoon Christmas Vacation. I know you might be wondering if this movie is what watching this season has it is an old Christmas movie. The answer to your question is a resounding YES, because this movie is defiantly worth watching. And this write-up is aimed at providing you with a summary of the movie, where you can watch the movie and a lot more. Basically, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is about a Family Christmas Vacation which started smoothly until everything went wrong.

Released in the year, 1989 in American, National Lampoon Christmas Vacation is a very popular Christmas Movie that is quite entertaining. It was directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik and written by John Hughes. Some of the cast in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation include; Chevy Chase, Jonny Galecki, Juliette Lewis, and a lot more. The genre of the movie is comedy and it has a duration of 97 minutes. The review has shown that National Lampoon Christmas Vacation was from a short story by writer John Hughes titled ‘’Christmas 59’’ which was produced in 1980. But the main point is that the comedy film is suitable for the whole family as its promises to bring you fun and laughter in the most wonderful time of the year.  

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Plot Summary

It’s Christmas time and the Griswold family is planning to have a perfect family Christmas Holiday. Of course, Christmas Holiday is all about spending time with your family and basking in the festive spirit. However, things never run smoothly for Clark (Chevy Chase), his wife Ellen Griswold (Beverly D’ Angelo), and their two children.

Clark gathers his wife, daughter Audrey, and Son Rusty and drives out of the country to find a tree. They picked out the largest trees after walking through the snow for hours but they however realized that they didn’t bring any tools to cut the trees down. Clark and his family then decided to uproot the tree before driving home with the tree.

Meanwhile, Clark’s and Ellen’s Parents arrived in their home for Christmas but their petty quarreling begins to annoy the family.  Clark tried maintaining a positive attitude and was ever determined to provide his entire family with a fun old fashioned family Christmas. Together with his family, he was able to decorate his house for the celebration. However, Ellen’s Country-based Cousin Catherine and her Husband Eddie with their two children Rocky and Ruby Sue arrive unannounced.

 According to Eddie, he was broke and couldn’t provide his family with the best Christmas. Clark however offered gifts for his kids so as to enable them to enjoy their Christmas. But, Clark’s senile Aunt Bethany and grumpy Uncle Lewis also arrived. Clark also kept wondering why Frank Shirley his boss hasn’t given him his yearly bonus which he needed to replace an advance payment he made to install a new swimming pool. But in the end, he was able to provide the family with the best Christmas.

National Lampoon Christmas Vacation Cast

1 Chevy Chase as Clark W

2 Beverly D’Angelo as Ellen Griswold

3 Juliette Lewis as Audrey Griswold

4 Jonny Galecki as Russ Griswold

5 John Randolph as Clark’s Father

6 Diane Ladd as Clark’s Mother

7 E.G Marshall as Ellen’s Father

8 Doris Roberts as Ellen’s Mother

9 Miriam Flynn as Catherine Johnson, Ellen’s Cousin

10 Randy Quaid as Eddie Johnson, Catherine Husband, and a lot more

Where can I Watch Vacation National Lampoon?

You can stream National Lampoon Vacation Christmas on YouTube, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime. Simply visit any of the earlier mentioned streaming platforms to stream the movie. Meanwhile, for users who want to know if they can stream National Lampoon’s Vocational Christmas Movie on Netflix. Currently, Netflix doesn’t support the streaming of movies. You also cannot watch the movie on Disney and on Peacock. Note that; to watch the movie on either HBO Max or Amazon Prime, you will be required to subscribe to any of the plans. However, you can stream the movie for free on YouTube.