– Latest Nigerian News Web Site | Naij New is Nigerian based web platform that deals with Nigerian news and entertainment. It is the 16th most visited web platform in Nigeria ranked by Alexa. The web platform was brought about in the year 2012, with its headquarters in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. is a portal which deals in news updates in Nigeria. They provide dynamic, informative, entertaining and many other social activities. They perform the function in offering news, mail service, music, videos, jobs, jokes and many other amazing features, to the registered individuals of the multi-million community.

Get all the latest news updates on whats going on in Nigeria right from this web platform. You want to be updated on trending activities, events, and news. Users can use the Naij application also to get access to these amazing new features.

News Menu Sections In

There are lots of news and other entertaining sections on this web platform. In other to get info on any trending section on the web platform they are series of sections in the main menu for easy navigation. The web platform has many amazing menus where users can seek latest trending information and news. The categories are.

  • Latest.
  • Sports.
  • Gossip.
  • Weddings.
  • Celebs.
  • Hausa News.
  • Announcements.


In users can get to select from lists of latest breaking and trending news. These are about activities going on in the country by simply checking the Latest menu on the home page. Users get the latest news trending when they click on this menu section.

The latest news section is different from the general news you see on the homepage. There are series of news categories on the home page section such as Nigeria breaking news, most shared news, trending news, latest news, Hausa news and sports news. Each these news mentioned above are linked to the main menu sections and are displayed on the homepage.


It is possible for people and the media to get trending sports news on the platform. Updates on sporting events are on its web platform by simply checking the sports menu. The sports sections have updates which focus more on football which is one of the sport with high rates. Trending news is on other major sporting fields.

If you want to get all the complete sports update on football you can check the sports menu on the web platform. they are lots of football updates about transfers and gossips about players, coaches and other football relating staffs.


There has been the creation of lots of gossip sites and blogs to share and gist on different matters on the ground. But lots of people have bookmarked as the major platform which deals with this. Users can get latest rumors and list in this menu in web platform by simply checking the Gossip menu on the home page.


People have found it difficult to be get updates on latest couples in town and gists on the wedding occasions layout. Gists on latest wedding occasions are on in the weddings menu in the web platform.


Events, activities, and news on their whereabouts and locations are here. Updates about your favorite and famous celebrity are in web platform on the home page.

Hausa News

Hausa users who are in search of where to read articles and news in the well-known Nigerian language. News and updates about trending events and activities are here which is in the famous Nigerian Hausa Language. By simply checking the Hausa News menu on the home page in the web platform.


Events, birthdays, ceremonies and other social activities are under this menu on the website. By simply checking the announcement menu on the home page in the web platform you can get this updates.

Amazing Facts About offers information and enables its users to operate and select which one to display. Some little-known facts and features of are.

  1. The web platform’s rank is 16th the list of websites that have most visits in Nigerians who are currently seeking for platforms where they can latest Nigerian News updates as ranked by Alexa.
  2. The Twitter audience of is growing rapidly as days pass their audience and followers increasing day by day.
  3. Photos and video content of high qualities are for making entertainment of high values in its Instagram account and their official YouTube channel.
  4. The web platform has a huge fan base in and outside Nigeria.
  5. The biggest Nigeria news portal in the Facebook community is the one owns and manages.
  6. They own a new application for mobile devices which can run on Android and other mobile devices.
  7. The platform gives a great deal of attention to readers through communication. Generate stories based on submitted by users. is a very big news generating company in Nigeria. Latest trending news occurring and arising in and outside the country.