Irokotv is the first online video streaming platform for Nigerian movies in Nigeria. They focus on Nigerian movies, because of no creativity, couldn’t reach its full consumer potential. However, the creation of the online video streaming platform has Nigerian movies reaching a broader audience. What this means is that no matter where you are in the world, you will be able to watch Nigerian movies using irokotv. This is only possible if you have internet connections and high-speed data connection.

iROKOtv – Nollywood At Your Fingertips | iRokotv App

Irokotv was founded by two creative entrepreneurs who found a gap in the distribution of Nigerian movies. They took advantage of this gap and came up with the first online movie streaming platform in Nigeria. These guys go by the name of Jason Njoku and Bastian Gotter.

Irokotv tv, also known as Africa’s Netflix, you can stream your favorite Nollywood movie in HD. With the use of a HDMI cord, you can watch the movie from the comfort of your TV set. All you must do is connect the HDMI to your computer and the other end to the TV. You should note that this will only work if your TV set has HDMI qualities.

Enjoying the 5000+ Nollywood movie content is easy. You either sign up or log in on the Irokotv website. Login and sign up are relatively easy. I’ll put you through a few easy steps to access the full features on Irokotv.

iROKOtv Login | Sign up

Accessing Irokotv login allows you watch loads of exciting Nollywood movies. And all you have to the is subscribe. To subscribe you need to sign up if you do not already have an account. If you do have an account already, you can just access the login directly. If you do not already have an account, here are the tips to get yourself one;

  1. To be able to sign up for your account, you need to visit their official website at
  2. You will be taken to the official sign in page where you can register. If you already have an account, you can login in this same page. The login icon is seen at the top right corner of the page.
  3. There are 2 sign up options. You can decide to sign up using your email address or your mobile phone number. You can use anyone which is convenient for you.
  4. Signing up with your email, you have to email your email address and a password correctly. To sign up using your mobile phone number all you need to do si type in your number and password correctly. It is important to type in your email and number correctly as Irokotv might want to communicate with you.
  5. Once you are done, hit on the sign-up button. You will be taken to the next page which is the subscription page. Here you will view all the plans they have at a glance. At this moment they have just one plan. #3000 for 12 months plan.
  6. After subscription, your Irokotv signup process will be complete.

They strive to bring out new Nollywood movies every week to allow for continuous entertainment. if you are having trouble streaming quality using your default browser, we advise you switch to google chrome.

iROKOtv App For Mobile Phone

Irokotv is always striving to improve the quality of Nollywood movies content distribution. With that in mind, they came up with the Irokotv app for your mobile device. When you are away from your computer and have the need to watch a movie you can use the app. What this means is that no matter where you are you can watch your favorite movie at any time. If you have a high-speed data connection, then streaming is not a problem.

With your Android device, you can get access to over 5000+ Nigerian movie content online. All you must do is download the app. To download the app, just go to the google play store and search for the app. Having found the app click on install. Ensure you have enough device memory to ensure that installation is successful. The Irokotv app will only work for android 4.1 and above.

iPhone user should not feel left out because the app is also available on IOS devices. To download the app on your IOS device, simply visit the iTunes app store. Once you are at the apple app store, search for the Irokotv app and begin the download. You should note that the app will only work for IOS version 8.1 and above.

iROKOtv YouTube Channel

With the YouTube channel, Irokotv can reach Nollywood movie lovers both home and abroad. The YouTube channel lets you watch movie clips as much as you want. To do this you need to visit the YouTube website and search for Irokotv or Nollywood love. Both search keywords will take you to the official Irokotv channel.