MTN Lumos – Electricity With MTN Yello Box | MTN Solar

MTN Lumos mobile electricity powered by MTN is here to give you accessible electricity with noise-free at a low cost. One of the major problems that will are facing in Nigeria today is power “electricity”. Which is now been taking care of with the MTN Yello Box that is also call MTN solar. This is becuse it comes with a solar pannel that generate eletricty from Sun light.

MTN Lumos - Electricity With MTN Yello Box | MTN Solar

The use of electric power in our homes is highly demanding as you can now get access to electricity at your convenience. This is the MTN Yello Box from Lumos Mobile Electricity where every user of the MTN Yello Box can pay less.

The MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity is also known as MTN Solar Powered box for your everyday use. This is an awesome device that meant to be in every home. Get your Mobile Electricity in one box and enjoy the comfort and noise-free electric supply.

MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity | MTN Solar

The MTN Yello Box which is MTN Solar is brought to you by Nigeria largest mobile network service provider and Lumos. This idea is to build better mobile solar energy in Nigeria so as to prevent the use of generators and the burning of carbon in the air. This is better with MTN Yello Box to stop the use of generators as a source of electricity.

MTN Yello Box which is also called MTN Solar is been set up with a partnership with Lumos. The MTN Yello Box can charge your laptop, cell phone, television and lots more. This is better off than fuelling your Generator which we cost you more when you run it all day.

With MTN Lumos Electricity you can get all your appliances powered on all day at low cost and noise free. This is with the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity which converts DC to AC to enable you power your appliances at low cost.

MTN Electricity Kits | Hardware Components

Most users must have been wondering if they have to make use of their mobile phones to power their appliances. Yes that true but there are some hardware components that are required that’s where Lumos comes in to make this work. The hardware companies are listed below.

  1. The solar panel of 80W and Cables of connection.
  2. An indoor Solar unit which is also referred to as solar inverter system.
  3. USB mobile phone cable or charger.
  4. 2 Energy Saving Bulbs.
  5. DC to AC converter and installation kit.

There is a start-up fee which is a one-time payment. The one-time payment fee is #26,000 NGN this payment is upon joining. You can save lots of money with the MTN Electricity also called MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity.

How To Sign Up For MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity

In other to get hold of this Yello Box you need to have an active MTN SIM. If you make use of MTN or you have an active MTN SIM follow the below steps.

  1. Walk up to any MTN local store and Sign up.
  2. Install the Yello Box with any authorized installer that is closer to you.
  3. Pay using your MTN SIM.

The payment process is a very easy one after you have played the one-time payment. There are other terms and conditions but read carefully before making any decision.

How To Activate MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity

You have to first confirm to know if your MTN mobile account or number is registered to the Lumos Service. It is recommended that there is need to have enough funds on the Lumos system. Please be aware of the 20days payment whether it’s been us or not.

  1. Select a plan from the available option.
  2. Send the selected plan to 317.
  3. Wait until you have received the confirmation.

Once you have followed the above steps you can now start enjoying MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity at low cost. There is an option for auto-renewal to keep you on always. With the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity, you don’t have to worry about noise and electric power anymore get the Yello box and save cost on electricity.