Importing Outlook contacts to Gmail is quite necessary for those who are just opening their Gmail account. This is because it helps reduce the stress of creating a brand new pack of contacts when you already have them stored in your outlook program. Users need to learn how to Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail as the will help them get things set up faster. The outlook program is very helpful when dealing with contacts not just exporting them.

Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail - How to Import Contacts From Outlook to Gmail

This is because it helps to manage your contacts, group your contacts, and also keeps them safe. A Gmail account is very important in case you have any, because of the functions it performs. Unlike any other email service provider, the Gmail program is very active and is the best in the world. It performs some extra duties that even other email service providers do not perform.

To Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail is very easy to do because of the aid of an import and export wizard placed in the program to make importing and exporting contacts and other files easier. The program has been performing this duty Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail of ever since it was created, and this function contributed to it becoming the best at what it does.

How to Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail

To import outlook contacts to Gmail is an easy thing to do because, all you have to do is to follow the steps I will be stating for you below. Steps towards exporting contacts to Gmail are listed below:

  • First, you need to open the outlook program and then click the file icon located at the top left part of the screen
  • Click the option icon and then click advanced
  • Under the export folder, click the export icon
  • Click export to a file under the first page of the import and export wizard, and then click the next icon located below
  • Select the comma separated values (CSV) icon and then click next
  • On the folder list, click the contacts folder icon you wish to export, and then click the next icon
  • Choose a location that you want to store the contacts and then also give the folder a name, you can leave it default name if you want to, then click next
  • If you want to change the way your contact information is saved, you can do that by clicking the map custom fields.
  • Then finally click finish.

After exporting contacts from outlook you can now import by:

How to Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail

  • First log into your Gmail account
  • Click Gmail and then click contacts
  • Click the more icon and then click import
  • Under the import contacts folder click browse
  • Select the file you exported from outlook and then click import

And that is how you import outlook contacts to Gmail. That would not be so hard to accomplish if you follow the steps I have just stated for you. If you
Import Outlook Contacts to Gmail all you contact on outlook we now be avalible on Gmail.