Let me ask you a question do you know the process to check Hotmail account nowadays? Probably, most of you won’t have the right answer especially users who aren’t active on Hotmail. However, checking of Hotmail account has driven into so much confusion. This between email accounts users on the aspect of checking new emails and performing other services. Nowadays, to check Hotmail email account. You have to access the new interface called Outllok.com which gives you access to check your mail inbox.

Check Hotmail - Check Hotmail Box or Outlook.com

On the Contrary, outlook displays a special feature to check your Hotmail account. Also gives you total access to different Microsoft services such as Skype, Xbox, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive, OneNote and many others. The main aim to check your account is not only boarded on sending and receiving emails. Instead, it guards your account against online threats or blockage and guarantees you a safe way to manage your Hotmail account.

Essential Things You Need

Without any further requirement to check Hotmail email account. This requirement entails only active users who already register with the email server and possess an eligible Window Live ID. The Windows Live ID is your

  • Account email address in this particular form someone@hotmail.com.
  • Your account password use provided on the registration process.
  • Also, you need to provide a secure internet connection and ensure you have a sufficient data plan.       
  • And lastly, makes use of any internet connected devices with a secure web browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

Furthermore, once you complied with the following above thing to check your account. Then you wouldn’t have any form of problem accessing the account sign-in page with the below steps to check your account.

How to Check Hotmail Account

Moreover, this is an opportunity for new for old Hotmail users to have the privilege of knowing how to sign in to the new interface. Therefore after viewing the requirement and you have ensured you have it ready. Then use the following steps by steps to your account:

  • First, access the new interface by using either the Hotmail website www.hotmail.com or www.outlook.com on your browser address.
  • Then access the sign in page by navigating the “Sign in” icon at the top or middles of the page and click on it.
  • Next on the sign in page first enter your email address on the text field and click “Next” icon.
  • Lastly, enter your account password and click the last icon “Sign in”.

Afterward, once you provided the right credential and makes use of the following procedure correctly to check your Hotmail account. Then, the email server will authorize access into your account. You can then perform the regular email account activities.