Migrate Outlook to Office 365

Do you want to Migrate Outlook to Office 365 this article is here to help you out. Outlook is a program designed by famous Microsoft owners. It was produced to make office life easier as it carries out so many important features that other programs cannot do better than Outlook program. Office 365 was created as a personal email service that does not scan your email for the purpose of simply serving you ads.

The program has several versions, each version with different modifications and different ways of accessing the program. One of the outlook best versions is Office 365 which is also called Outlook 365 but mainly referred to as Office 365. Office 365 is now preferred to another service as it grants offline access to email. Performs so many other interesting things that you will find very interesting. You can now Migrate Outlook to Office 365 to get a better user experience.

Office 365 can only be accessed through the Internet so, obviously, the Microsoft Company got you covered. Even if you do not have the Outlook program on your computer or your PC you can access it through the Internet. Note that you can also Migrate Outlook to Office 365 via the web as there are no restrictions on what you can do on the web platform.

Migrate Outlook to Office 365

As a user who wants to Migrate Outlook to Office 365. You have to go through some steps and processes to get this done. This is an import and export process as this is one of the safest ways to get this done, be rest assured that all your file and contacts are intact.

Note that the very first step is to Export or back up your file in Outlook. the final step is to import your file to Office 365 in other to complete the Migrate Outlook to Office 365 process. below is a step by step guide to get it done.

How to Export and Backup Your File in Outlook

Exporting Outlook files is an easy goal to achieve since it has to do with a step by step process. So achieving your goal on Migrate Outlook to Office 365 would not be so hard after all.

  • Step one toward achieving your goal is to open your Outlook program and then click the file.
  • Click open and export and then click import/export.
  • Select export to a file and then click.
  • Select the Outlook data file icon and then click.
  • Select the item you would like to backup inbox, personal folders, and calendar, and then click next
  • Create a file and a file location where you would place the Outlook file and then click finish if you would be importing your file on a new computer.
  • After doing this you can now import the file into your Office 365 program.

This process stated above is exclusively meant for Outlook 2016.

How to import files into Office 365

  • To import files first you have to open the Office 365 program and then click on the file.
  • Click open and export and then click Outlook data file.
  • Open where you saved the file in and then select the file and then click ok.

Then the file will appear on the left-hand side along with other files. So that is how you migrate files from Outlook to Office 365.