How to Import Contacts from Gmail

Do you know How to Import Contacts from Gmail if not then you can do so after reading this article. Gmail is the now trending mail service since the owner of Google has made it possible for all Gmail account owners to access all their Google services with just one Google account, so this made Google Mail the most used and most popular electronic mail in the world today.

How to Import Contacts from Gmail

If you have really used Google Mail you will be able to tell that it is mainly used for business purposes, sending admission letters, application letters informal and formal letters, pictures, videos, and so many other informative electronic files. But what I will be talking about in this article is the Google mail contact which is the most important thing about any electronic mail.

Google Mail Contact

The Google Mail contact does not possess any other important features. All electronic mail contact possess the same feature. But what I will be talking about in this article is how to import contacts from Gmail. Before talking about how to import contact I would like to tell you how to locate your contact list in the newly updated Google Mail.

In the old Google Mail account you can easily locate the contact list from the Gmail icon located at the top left part of the screen just by clicking it and selecting the contact icon. But in the new and updated Google account, certain features were changed, and one of the changed features is the contact list location. To find it, all you have to do is to click the nine little box icons located at the top right corner of the screen, there you will find the contact icon. But in case you did not see the icon, click more and you will find it on the other set of icons.

How to Import Contacts from Gmail

To import contacts from Gmail is just a step by step process and this actually made it much easier to import. For  you to be able to import you need to have your CSV file which contains your contact and you need to be able to locate it, CSV file contains your contact but if you do not have one you can create one with either  Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel

  • first, open Google Mail and open your contact list.
  • Click on the More drop down menu and click the import icon.
  • After clicking on it you will be asked to select either a CSV file or a card file to do that you click the browse icon and then look for your contact list click on your CVS file (contact list) and click open and then click import.

Give it some time and when it is done it is going to load up your contact in the Gmail account And your work is done so. that is the easy step to follow when you want to import contacts into your Gmail account.