Microsoft Cloud – Microsoft OneDrive | Microsoft Azure Cloud

Are you looking for what type of software to store all your files, and documents? Don’t wait until your device memory starts showing the red sign or insufficient space. When it comes to storage cloud or storing files, Microsoft Cloud is one of the respected and well-used storage clouds when you can keep all your files, document, media, pictures, and others safer, and secure. Currently, Microsoft has different classics of cloud storage services in which you can choose from. In this article, we will list out the various Microsoft Cloud you can check out to store entire data or files.

Microsoft Cloud - Microsoft OneDrive | Microsoft Azure Cloud

On the contrary, the 24th-century technology industry is seamlessly moving away from depending on just local storage. There are lots of cloud storage platforms that offer you a large capacity of space to never have to delete any file to free off some space. Microsoft Cloud is that storage service where you can keep all your documents, media files, office files, photos, and more in the cloud. Also, one of the advantages of Microsoft Cloud, you can access the cloud anywhere from across various locations and also share files with important people.

Overview of Microsoft OneDrive and How to Get Started

Contrarily, Microsoft OneDrive is one of the cloud services provided by Microsoft. With the platform, you can save all your files and photo to the OneDrive and get to access them across any device anywhere, anytime through the mobile app. Also, you can access your file office and the platform ensures to keep all your file safe. However, to see more of the OneDrive Plans you can visit the link

In addition, you can sign up for free to enjoy free service and then you can think of upgrading the platform to the plans provided. Also, you can install the Microsoft OneDrive app on your Android, iOS, or Windows devices to stay active with your file.

Overview of the Microsoft Azure Cloud & How to Get Started

Microsoft Azure is another cloud service offer for you to store all your databases and other important files. The Azure is different from OneDrive because Azure is actually cloud computing service and with the integration of various services such as Azure, Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, SQL Database, Cosmo DB and more, you can manage your database with ease. Moreover, there are still over 100 services for you to be able to build, deploy and manage your database or application all in the cloud.

Furthermore, the platform allows you to turn your ideas into solutions where you can access continuous innovation in other to develop a good sense of tomorrow and a productive vision for the future. However, you can start using the platform for free in other to ensure 12 months of free services, by creating an Azure free account today.  visit the link to create an account and also you can buy after using the free service offer.