Find My iPhone – How to Find my Phone iPhone

How can I locate my iPhone or probably, how can I find someone else iPhone? Nowadays, lots of phone companies are implementing a feature that allows people to track down their mobile phones if stolen or lost. This actually has been very helpful in tracking down phones stolen on the bus-stop, bus or anywhere. In the meantime, we will talk about Find My iPhone on how you can find your iPhone if you’re not in possession of it.

Find My iPhone - How to Find my Phone iPhone

The new innovation of the Find My iPhone actually an application and service offered by Apple that enables you to track down your iOS devices using remote locations. On the contrary, Find My iPhone doesn’t only operate on iPhones but also Mac Computer, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Moreover, the service was pre-installed on iOS and macOS device which allows you to be able to locate devices using the iOS app or the iCloud website. However, while using iOS 8, you can easily install the application from the Apple App Store without paying.

Feature of the Find My iPhone

First of all, you need to understand that, find my iPhone has been replaced by the app Find My. Meaning that it’s no longer called Find My iPhone but Find My which generally sum up all iOS devices. However, here are the features of the service.

  • Play sound: this enables your device to make a maximum volume of sound and also making a flashlight to display on your screen even when your phone is muted. This feature is important when your device is temporarily lost.
  • Lost mode: this is applicable to iOS 6 and later which labels the device as lost or stolen. This enables you to lock your phone using a passcode.
  • Erase iPhone: in case you have some important information like your financial information or others. You can simply swipe the data from the phone completely to protect your information but keep in that that you won’t be able to locate the device after the action.

However, these are some of the features of the Find My iPhone. Hence, you can find more exciting features and also learn to find your devices from the next outline written below.

How to Locate Someone or Your Stolen iPhone

On the contrary, whether your iPhone or any iOS device is stolen or mislaid. The Find My iPhone helps you to keep track of thing that matters to you. The New Find My comes with a combination of Find My iPhone and Find My Friends all on one platform which is iOS 13.

To locate Stolen iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

  • Go to or access the Find My app on another Apple device. 
  • Then you can enter your Apple ID.
  • Afterward, you can select the option or feature mention above.

Another feature not mentioned, you can use your device serial number to report to the local laws enforcement that your device has been stolen. Also, you can take the complaint to your wireless carrier that your device has been stolen or lost to disable your account.