Microsoft Azure – Microsoft Azure Platform

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying and managing applications and services through Microsoft Datacenters. However, the platform is formerly refer to as Windows Azure that supports many different programming languages. tools, and frames that include both the platform and third-party software and systems. Also, the platform is a subscription-based service in which customers subscribe and have access to all service including the Azure portal. Every subscriber can use the services to create cloud-based resources such as Virtual machines (VM) and databases.

Microsoft Azure - Microsoft Azure Platform

Microsoft doesn’t charge subscription fee which the various Azure services are available on a Pay for what you use basis. This means subscribers receive a bill each month that contain charges on the specific services they have used. However, many other vendors also make software directly available through Azure which the cost billed from these vendors varies widely. But they based on paying a subscription fee for the application, plus a usage fee for the infrastructure used to host the application.

What is Microsoft Azure used for?

Microsoft Azure is consisting of numerous service offerings that are use are extremely diverse. However, Running Virtual machines or containers in the cloud which is one of the most popular uses for Azure. Also, these compute resources can host infrastructure components such as Domain name system (DNS) servers. Windows Server services such as Internet Information Services (IIS) or Third-party applications. In which the platform supports the use of third-party operating systems such as Linux. However, the platform is also common as a platform for hosting databases. In the cloud, Microsoft offers serverless rational databases. Which includes Azure SQL and non-relational databases such as NoSQL. And is popular for backup and disaster recovery which is popular among many organizations.

What Language is Supported

In Microsoft Azure C# (C- Sharp) is a language often for setting up small tasks that require timer-based and real-time processing. However, integration with Logic Apps that has automation scenarios. And Python language is use for data manipulation and machine learning. The language doesn’t need you to be a Microsoft Azure professional you just need any prior knowledge of programming language.

Most of the top organizations use Microsoft Azure for data backup and disaster recovery. And also for an alternative to their own data center. However, rather than investing in local servers and storage many organizations. Choose to run all of their business applications in Microsoft Azure. To ensure Availability Microsoft has data centers located around the world in 55 regions spread across 140 countries.