Lost My iPhone – Track Down My Lost iPhone

I lost my iPhone and how can I find it? Or how can I track down my lost iPhone? On the contrary, the moment you realize that you’ve lost your iPhone or that your iPhone has been stolen. It’s recommended that you try out some special features or services that allow you to navigate the exact location of your missing device. Moreover, thanks to the implementation of services like Find My app and Find My iPhone app, you can generate a sequence to track down lost iPhone.

Lost My iPhone - Track Down My Lost iPhone

In the meantime, there are two services introduces to help you figure out lost my iPhone location. Each of the services operates in different iOS operating systems. For example, Find My iPhone works with iOS operating system of 8 through 12. While Find My app work with operating system higher than that of the Find My iPhone app. All the application are already installed in various operating systems except for iOS 8 and older. Simply visit the iTunes app store to install the application on iOS 8 and older.

Requirements to Locate your Missing iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The requirement needed to find your lost iPhone doesn’t involve something much. However, the most important thing is that, before your devices were stolen or lost, did you turn on any of the application. If your answer is Yes, then you can make use of the application to find your devices. But if your answer is No, sorry to say, the step below isn’t meant for you.

Another requirement you need to provide as to do with your Apple ID that’s registered to the lost iPhone. Also, the setup of the iCloud account in which you use to create an Apple ID requires in terms of using the iCloud.com to find my lost iPhone. Lastly, you can set up the Find My iPhone or Find My app with someone else’s device to make use of in locating your iPhone.

How to Track Down My Lost iPhone

Roughly, visit the website www.icloud.com/find on your web browser. Keep in mind, you can make use of any web browser on any device. Then enter your Apple ID and click the option Find My Devices, then select your devices and view the location.

Using the Find My app or Find My iPhone

  • Access the application on someone else devices.
  • Click Find iPhone, you might need to sign in your account i.e. your Apple ID.
  • Then click Find iPhone and select your device.

However, you can then apply different features to monitor the moment of your devices. By using features such as Lost Mode, Erase your devices, Play a sound and others in which you can make use of to recover your missing devices.