LinkedIn Groups – How to Create and Join LinkedIn Groups | LinkedIn Groups 2020

LinkedIn Group is a community center that comprises of people that share the same ideas and also enables them to engage in dissuasion. This is similar to the Facebook group where you can either create or nor group to engage in discussion. For a business to grow, the need to connect with people that share the same idea with yours is required. That’s why the introduction of the LinkedIn Groups serves as an important feature where you can build your business network with like-minded people. Learn how to Create and Join LinkedIn Group in this article.

LinkedIn Groups - How to Create and Join LinkedIn Groups | LinkedIn Groups 2020

Furthermore, LinkedIn Groups provides you with a communicating and engaging place for you to build your network where you can share similar interests on certain topics. Certain groups on LinkedIn help you in building your career by asking for guidance or discussing with experts in certain skill development. Currently, there are thousands of LinkedIn Groups membership to join that suit your interest. Likewise, you can decide to create your LinkedIn group to builds valuable connections and lots more.

How to Find LinkedIn Groups to Join

First of all, you can use the following steps that will be provided below to find groups that you’ve already joined and also discover new groups to join. The Search bar locates at the top corner of the homepage allows you to find hundreds of groups to join. There are two option to discover groups to join:

Search for Groups with Keyword:

  • Access the Search bar and enter the name of the group.
  • Then, select the group name from the dropdown lists and click +join.

Search for Groups with Recommendation:

  • Select the option Work.
  • Then, click Groups from the list of menus that appear.
  • Scroll down to the and click on Search.

That is the two-search option in which you can make use to search for groups to join. Once you access the search result page, you can find a wide list of recommended groups to join, and click Join to become a member of that group.

How to Create a New LinkedIn Groups

To create a LinkedIn Group is very simple and you must understand that, you can only create up to 3 groups a day. Plus, the number of groups you can only manage should be up to 30 groups at a time. Here is the following step to create a new group

  • Go to the LinkedIn Groups page.
  • Then, select the option Create a new group.
  • Enter the requirement to set up your group.
  • Fill out the information under Industry, Location and Group Discoverability, and also Permission.
  • Finally, click on the Create icon to successfully create your group.

Keep in mind, the following step can be applying when creating or joining a group on LinkedIn via your Android and iOS device. Hence, you can start inviting people to join your group and when someone joins your group. Then you can accept the request if you choose to do so.