Jeff Bezos Yacht: Everything You Want to Know

Are you curious about what the centi-billionaire (Jeff Bezos) is currently building? Well, we all are. This giant of e-commerce spared no expenses in building his new yacht, which cost about $500 million to make. This yacht is about to break the world record when it is finally completed later this year. Constructed by Oceanco, which has been building yachts since 1987, the Y721 is about to break the record for the world’s largest sailing yacht. This yacht is also mentioned in the book inspired by Jeff Bezos, Amazon Unbound.

Jeff Bezos Yacht: Everything You Want to Know

The super yacht itself made headlines even before its completion when it was discovered that the yacht was too long (471 feet) to fit the Koningshaven Bridge after its construction, and there were speculations that the historical monument would be dismantled to fit the yacht.

However, this news doesn’t seem pleasing to the locals, and they protested against it. The superyacht will undergo sea trials, after which it will be delivered to Jeff Bezos. What more do we know about this superyacht? In August, this superyacht hit the waters at the Oceanco Alblasserdam shipyard as one of the biggest sailing yachts in the world.

The yacht support vessel is huge, and it offers enough space to accommodate marine gear and emergency relief support equipment. The ship also has a helipad and a hangar for a D-14 helicopter. The Y721 can accommodate 45 people comfortably, including the crew, special staff, and guests.

Yacht Y721 and Its Features

The creation and construction of the Jeff Bezos yacht, also known as Project Y721, began in 2018 and are still currently under construction by Oceanco. Furthermore, the cost of materials for making this yacht is very high, and it is reported that it costs about $500 million to make.

Still under construction, only little is known about the interiors of this super yacht that Jeff Bezos owns. This yacht is designed to cross the ocean. One fascinating thing about this yacht is that it requires no fuel to run, and a single crew can cover over 31,000 square feet of sails in a short moment.

Who Built Jeff Bezos Yacht?

Oceanco is the brains behind the creation of Jeff Bezos’s yacht. They are well known for the creation of superyachts that are known globally. In addition, Oceano is owned by an Omani billionaire named Mohammed Al Barwani, who has been manufacturing yachts since 1987.

How Big Is Jeff Bezos’s Yacht

Despite being still under construction, the yacht is reportedly big. Project Y721 is reported to be about 127 meters and 416 feet long, respectively. This makes this yacht a superyacht, and it is expected to cost about $500 million to make.

The Interior of Jeff Bezos Yacht

Inspired by Barry Diller, who was the previous CEO of Fox, Project Y721 is the birth of his motivation and integral design. The internal part was designed by the late Francois Catroux, who is famous for his luxury designs for some of the world’s most notable royals, media moguls, and others, and this yacht is said to be one of the biggest yachts in the world.

How Much Is Jeff Bezos Yacht?

The Jeff Bezos Yacht, which also goes by the name Project Y721, is said to be under construction by Oceanco and will cost a total of $500 million to build.

What is Jeff Bezos’s Yacht Name?

As previously mentioned, Jeff Bezos’ yacht is named Project Y721. The yacht is close to completion, and it has cost a lot of money as well.