IRCTC, the abbreviation for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation is a government-owned enterprise. It provides tourism, catering, and ticketing services. However, registration is free for individuals, and an active mobile number and email ID are compulsory to create an IRCTC account. The tourism corporation offers cheap packages online for encouraging tourism in India which also provides the best travel experience.

IRCTC Account - How to Create a New IRCTC Account | IRCTC Account Login

With an IRCTC account, you do not need your credit card or debit regardless of your transaction. You will also be in need of a username to book the train ticket and you cannot edit this username or change it.  Why stop reading, scroll down to read more about the IRCTC Corporation and how to have the user ID, how to create, and how to log in to your IRCTC account.

Why Should I Create an IRCTC Account?

There are lots of reasons to have an IRCTC account and it is very necessary to have it to be able to book the IRCTC ticket online. Your IRCTC user ID allows you to enjoy their amazing benefits such as flights, hotels, rail Drishti, e-catering, bus, holiday packages, tourist train, charter train, gallery and so much more.

How to Create a New IRCTC Account

Creating a new IRCTC account is very essential if you do not have one to book a ticket on the train and is also the first important part to be done to access the benefits of the online platform. Creating an IRCTC ID makes the train booking ticket easier. It provides the latest update on train reservation, platform number, train coach number, and all other services. The steps below show you how to create a new account on IRCTC;

  • Visit their website at RailYatri ‘create new user’ page
  • Fill in the required account information such as the username, email ID, security question and answer
  • Enter your personal information like your name, occupation and so on
  • Enter your valid address details
  • Once you are done with that, enter the required details and tap on verify account. A verification code will be  sent to you. Enter it and then verify.

Once you have successfully done that your IRCTC account is now created with the RailYatri quick and easy process.

IRCTC Account Login

You can sign in to your Irctc account with some easy steps. and for the people who are familiar with these steps just follow the normal steps to log in. However, for you to log in to your IRCTC account you must have an IRCTC login ID.

  • Visit the IRCTC website
  • Enter your username and password
  • Click continue to login to your account

Once you have a login to your account you don’t have a problem with your login but for those who have forgotten their password or problem logging in, you can tap on the reset password to create a new password.