Alexa Price – Best Alexa Smart Speakers and Price | Alexa Cost

There is an increased rate of advanced technology development in the 21st century. People save themselves the stress of getting things done with their manpower. Although technology can be quite expensive, they are worth every penny they cost. Like every other new technology device manufactured to solve a problem and save energy so is Alexa. If you are clueless about what Alexa is used for and its cost price, you have to follow through this article carefully because it is very detailed and has everything you need to know.

Alexa Price - Best Alexa Smart Speakers and Price | Alexa Cost

Amazon Alexa popularly called Alexa is one of the products from one of the top leading American e-commerce and cloud computing service called Amazon. it is a cloud base visual assistant technology service built by Amazon. Amazon Alexa is built into an Amazon Echo smart speaker or Echo dot speakers or your Smartphone. It is available on more than a hundred million devices from amazon and other brand devices. Alexa allows you to build natural voice commands to enable you to interact with your technology devices. This smart technology allows you to voice control your electrical devices like your fans, light, coffee makers.

Alexa Price Range

Although Alexa cannot function on its own that is why you need Alexa smart speakers. Alexa on its own is free to access via the Alexa mobile app or via an Amazon Echo smart speaker or other brands smart speaker. However, you promote other executive features on your Alexa with premium services like Amazon prime membership, Spotify, Amazon unlimited plan. One of the most popular ways of communicating via Alexa is through the Amazon range of Echo smart speakers and we have 4 models of the Amazon Echo range that you can use to control your device with your voice. There are:

  • Echo Dot
  • Echo
  • Echo Plus
  • Echo Studio

Take note Alexa price is free. Although you have to purchase the speakers you will use. Alternatively, you can also download the Amazon Alexa app on your iPhone and Android Smartphone from PlayStore or Appstore for free. It is a better alternative since it gives you access to all the features in an Amazon Echo or third-party speaker.

Best Alexa Smart Speakers and Price

There are plenty of Alexa speakers to pick from but we have selected the best for you to choose from. Each of the Alexa speakers varies in price, size, functions, and features. So you can choose the one that best fits you.

  • Amazon Echo show 10 and it cost price is $249.99
  • Amazon Echo Dot 4th Generation and it cost price is $34.99
  • Amazon Echo 4th Generation and it cost price is $59.99
  • Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation and it cost price is $64.98
  • Sonos one and it cost price is $199

In conclusion, Alexa is totally free with no monthly subscription as the case should have been, and to top it all, if you can’t afford the above-listed Alexa and other third-party price speakers you can alternatively use your Smartphone.