How To Unpair Apple Watch

How to unpair Apple Watch -Unarguably, Apple Watch is the most popular Smartwatch in the market. And with the way upgraded ones keep coming to the market, there will come a time when you want to replace the old one with a newer model. Are you lucky enough to be unboxing a new Smart Watch? And you are wondering how you can disconnect the one from your Apple phone? Well, unless you want to use two watches at the same time, you will have to unpair them so you can sell them or give them out.

How To Unpair Apple Watch

Just so you know, it is very important to unpair your Apple watch if you don’t want to make use of it again. Because if you do not, Apple’s Activation lock feature will kick in. Although this is a very good thing if you lose the Apple watch, it is a very bad thing if you want to sell or give it or if you want to use it with another iPhone.

Another thing you need to know is that, if you lose your iPhone, you will still have to unpair the Smartwatch. So that you can be able to pair it with your new iPhone. Whether you have your iPhone or you don’t, it is not very complicated to unpair the devices. Read this article to the very end to learn how to unpair an Apple watch in a few easy steps.

How to Unpair Apple Watch from iPhone

Just like I have mentioned above, unpairing your Apple watch from your phone is not that complicated. Here are the steps you need to follow to unpair the Smartwatch from your iPhone;

  • Ensure that the Apple Watch and iPhone have the recent software updates installed.
  • You can’t go through this process remotely, so you will have to put the watch and phone closer
  • Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone
  • Click on the “My Watch” option and then tap “All watches at the top of the screen.
  • Click the “I” info button that is next to the watch name you are unpairing
  • Tap on “Unpair Apple Watch” at the bottom.
  • Confirm that you want to Unpair (Your Name) Apple Watch
  • If you have the cellular model, you will be asked to remove or keep the cellular plan. If you are paying a new model and not using the old model again “remove it”.  You can add your new watch. But if you wish to pair this Smartwatch again, then you should keep the plan.
  • Now to disable the Activation lock, enter your Apple ID password
  • Click the unpair option at the bottom of the page.

Once you have done the above, the Smartwatch will start backing up the latest data to your iPhone. After it is done, it will unpair itself from your Apple phone, and remove all the active Bluetooth pairings.  You have now successfully unpaired the Apple watch and restored to factory settings. The “Start pairing’ message will now appear on it.

How to Unpair Apple Watch without the iPhone

If there is a situation where you don’t have the paired iPhone, you don’t need to worry or panic. All you just need to do is go through the process directly from the Smartwatch. However, you need to know that you will lose all the watch’s data forever. Here is the process to follow if you don’t have your iPhone;

  • On your Apple Watch, Go to settings
  • Locate and click on “General” Settings.
  • Scroll down find the “Reset” option and click on it
  • Now, you have to tap the “Erase all contents and settings” option and enter your password if enabled.
  • If you have a cellular option, you will be prompted to remove or keep the plan.

Once you have done all of this, you have to begin the unpairing and data restoring option. To disable the Activation unlock process, you will have to do this;

  • Go to on your computer’s browser
  • Apple ID and password will be asked for you to Sign in
  • Tap on ‘Settings”.
  • Click on the “Find My” option and put in your Apple ID password when prompted
  • Tap “All devices”. And choose your Apple watch from the menu
  • Now, Tap the “Erase Apple Watch” option
  • Click “Erase” next in the pop-up menu
  • Put down your Apple password again
  • You with get a notification with a code on your Smartwatch. Click “Allow”.
  • Enter the received code on the

Immediately you do this, it will remove the activation lock from the Apple Watch successfully. The Smartwatch is now removed and erased from your iCloud. It is now ready to be set up and paired again.

What is the best way to unpair my Apple Watch?

The best and easiest way to go through this process is using your iPhone. But if it gets stolen or you lose it, you can still do it using your Apple Watch itself. The two processes are very easy and straightforward. Unpairing your Apple watch will only take about 10-15 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reset my Apple Watch to a new user?

Go to the settings app on your Smartwatch. Now, locate General, then reset, now click Erase all the content and settings, and put down your password. If you have a cellular, choose whether you would like to remove or keep the plan.

Why is my Apple Watch still paired after I unpaired it?

If it is still unpaired according to the Watch app on your phone and still paired on the watch, you will have to erase all the content directly on your watch. To go through the repair to your iPhone.

Is it possible to remove the activation lock without the previous owner?

No, it is not possible to do that. You won’t be able to remove the activation lock feature unless you are the owner of the Apple ID that was used last on the iPhone.

How long does it take to unpair an Apple Watch?

It only takes about 15 minutes to go through this process. However, the time may depend on how much data you have on the Smartwatch.