Airtag vs. SmartTag: which tracker is the best for you?

Airtag vs. SmartTag: which tracker is the best for you? Losing things when you are about to go to important places can be frustrating. Thanks to technology, solutions like Samsung’s SmartTags or Apple AirTags are now available. With these trackers, you can alert on where your nearest device is.

Airtag vs. SmartTag: which tracker is the best for you?

Although Samsung and Apple were not the first companies to enter the Bluetooth or smart tag market, they have become very popular. SmartTag and Apple Tag are among the best tags that you can purchase today. We have compared these two devices based on their battery life, tracking capabilities, design, battery life, and many more.

 First, you have to know that the best tracker to choose depends on the phone you have. These trackers will not work with any phones outside their ecosystems. For instance, you can use Airtag for Samsung and vice versa. Also, if you don’t use either an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy phone, none of this tracker is for you. Do you feel lost? Read on to know Airtag vs. SmartTag: which tracker is the best for you

Apple Airtag

The Apple Airtag makes use of the Apple Find My Network feature to help you locate your belongings. If you misplaced your things and the Airtag is attached to it, you just need to open the Apple Find My App on your iPhone to check the location. The iPhone and iPad that support this device include; the iPhone SE, 6s or later, iPod touch 7 generations with iOS 14.5 or later, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad Pro, iPad fifth generation or later, and iPad mini 4 or later, iPad 14.5 or later

This device tracks your location from your IP address by matching the location entered during your last visit to Apple. It technology has various uses in other tech spaces including secure access control, wireless streaming, and real-time location tracking.

Samsung SmartTag

The SmartTag makes use of Bluetooth connectivity to communicate with Samsung devices that are nearby using the device network to locate your belongings. It gives you remote access if your home is connected to Smart devices. The IoT smart devices must be connected and registered to the SmartThings for them to work.

This tag device can only work on Samsung devices like Galaxy S1, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy A series, and other Galaxy models. Galaxy Tab S6, Galaxy Tab S6, or other Galaxy Tab models. Other Samsung smart devices that is compatible with SmartThings such as Samsung Smart TVs, Smartwatches, Smart appliances, and other home devices.

Airtag vs. SmartTag: Availability, Specifications and Price

Apple has fixed the AirTag price at $29, with a cost-saving option of a four-pack available for just $99. Given AirTag’s established presence, you can purchase it through various retailers nationwide. Notably, single units can often be found at a few dollars cheaper on Amazon retail stores. And the four-pack is available for $10 less.

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag 2 also carries a similar list price of $3. And shares widespread availability through different retailers across the country. Moreover, discounted prices for AirTags are also applicable to the Samsung tracker.

While these smart tags lack extensive specifications, let’s move on to what makes them tick.

Airtag vs. SmartTag; Features, build, design, and Battery life

Airtag device is a compact one measuring 0.31 inches thick and i.26 inches in diameter. It is very small and slim compared to SmartTag. It comes with a replaceable CR2032 battery which can last you for about one year according to Apple. Its water resistance is up to 20-30 minutes. This means you may need to act fast if you drop something in the pool. For its durability overall, this tag has an ingress protection rating of 6 for dust and 7 for water. You can customize it to your liking because Apple offers free engraving on their website.

Smart Tag on the other hand is a compact device and larger than the former. It measures 0.4 inches and 1.5 inches in diameter. Despite it being large, it is designed to attach to key rings or to attach to your backpack or other belongings. This tag device has an IP67 rating, so it is moderately dust and waterproof. You can remove the CR2032 from the device when you want to get it changed. According to Samsung, the battery can last for about 500 days or 700 days if it is in power-saving mode.

Airtag vs. SmartTag; Set up and installation process

The installation process is very easy for both tags. All you just need to install the battery and put the tracker near your Smartphone for the process to commence. Your Smartphone will automatically detect them. Then you can follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Security and privacy

Just so you know, the Airtag has lots of security features and makes use of advanced technology to secure connections. You don’t need to worry about your location being leaked because Apple has strict security measures kept in place. Some security features such as Audible alert, user consent, and privacy alerts on fixed on iPhone.

SmartTag also implements different security measures to keep users and devices secure. Just like the former, Samsung makes use of the best technology to ensure device security. This company ensures security and they can only do this much, the rest is up to you.

Which is the Best Choice for you?

Just like I have mentioned above, if you are part of the Apple family, you have to choose the Airtag to track your belongings. And for the Samsung users, the SmartTag is the right option. But, if you make use of both iPhone and Samsung, you can consider Tile. Tile is also a smart tag that you can use to track your belongings. It is designed for both Android and iPhone users. You don’t need to worry about privacy when it comes to Tile privacy. Because the company has implemented security features and follows various privacy laws to protect users’ data.