How To Start A Pure Water Business in Nigeria

How To Start A Pure Water Business in Nigeria – Are you considering launching a pure water business in Nigeria? This blog post will guide you on how to start and succeed in the venture.

How To Start A Pure Water Business in Nigeria

Some may underestimate the profitability of selling pure water, assuming there are limited profits. However, they overlook the fact that pure water is the most highly consumed commodity in Nigeria.

Every sachet of water is in demand, sold on the streets, at bus stops, in traffic, and at various other locations.

Given the widespread consumption of pure water in Nigeria, starting this business presents a lucrative opportunity.

It’s an attractive investment that has the potential to yield significant returns. If you’re contemplating starting a pure water business in Nigeria, rest assured that not only can you achieve success, but you can also generate substantial profits.

How Much Do I Need To Start A Pure Water Business in Nigeria?

If you’re unaware, launching a pure water business in Nigeria requires a substantial financial investment. Several essential factors contribute to the initial costs, including setting up a factory, acquiring equipment, business registration, and hiring factory workers.

The overall expenses can range from 5 million to 15 million naira, depending on the business location and the specific equipment you plan to use.

Why Should I Start A Pure Water Business In Nigeria?

Embarking on a pure water business in Nigeria promises substantial financial gains, given its lucrative nature.

The involvement of major companies such as Cway and the Nigerian Bottling Company attests to its profitability. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider starting a pure water business in Nigeria:

  • There is no location restriction.
  • Fast returns and profits
  • Products can be stored for some time.
  • Free raw materials.
  • 100% profit.
  • Few workers are needed.
  • Demand for the product is high.

Furthermore, the pure water business can be expanded by hiring additional factory workers to increase production.

Tips To Start A Successful Pure Water Business In Nigeria

If you are sure about starting a pure water business in Nigeria, then you should follow these tips on how to start a successful pure water business in Nigeria.

Set Up A Business Plan

The first thing you need to do is set up a business plan, write down your goals, and work with it.

Register Your Business

The next step is to register your business after you have written down your plans. To register your pure water business in Nigeria, you have to go to CAC and NAFDAC. Once your business is registered with them, you are good to go.

Get A Suitable Location

After you have registered your business, you will now need to find a good location. Find a suitable location that is neat. The pure water business demands that you be in a neat and healthy environment because it has to do with people’s consumption.

Construct A Borehole

Once you have found the perfect location, you will have to start digging a borehole there. You have to make a borehole and install tanks so that you can get access to water and then purify it for people’s consumption.

Get A Distillation System

The distillation system is needed to purify water dug from the borehole. You don’t want to go around selling dirty water to people; you have to purify the water and ensure it is clean.

Sealing Machine

You have to get a sealing machine so that the pure water nylons can be sealed; this helps to avoid leakages. You need to seal your pure water so that people don’t get the wrong impression.

Packaging Materials

Packaging materials are also needed to start a pure water business. Materials for packaging include chemicals, nylon sealer, and nylons.


When starting a pure water business, you have to hire people because just one person cannot do the job alone. Employ people who will handle different aspects of the business.


Electricity is very important in a business, especially a pure water business. You have to make sure there is an uninterrupted electricity supply in your factory. However, it is advisable to get a generator or plant.


The final step is marketing. Marketing is essential in any business, so if you are going to make more sales, you have to market your pure water business to people.

Let people know you are into pure water production so that they can patronize you and refer you to others.


If you want to start a successful business in Nigeria, ensure you follow the steps above. Also, you can do your research; you can ask people who are already in the business and let them share their experiences with you.

The pure water business is a business that sells very well in Nigeria. Just have a good marketing strategy, and before you know it, you are already making waves in the business.