How to Play Chrome Dinosaur Game

Have you been browsing via your chrome either on your mobile device or computer and then have an Internet interception? If this has ever happened to you, then you must have encountered the chrome dinosaur game which usually appears once there’s a network break. Furthermore, in this blog post, we will be answering lots of asked questions about the chrome dinosaur game. We will likewise also, explain how the game is played, and what’s needed to play the game.

What is it About?

The chrome dino is a web-designed game that can only be played on the Google Chrome web browser. It was created and designed by Google. The game is an endless runner game that has a pixelated dinosaur on it.

However, the game is made available for both computer and mobile device users. This is to say that you can play the game irrespective of the device you browse with, there are no restrictions.

How is the Chrome Google Dinosaur Game played?

Going further, you start the chrome dinosaur game on a computer simply by clicking on the spacebar of your keyboard and by tapping on the pixelated dinosaur on your phone when the network has been interrupted. You play the game by avoiding the incoming obstacle by jumping over them or sliding under them.

Additionally, there’s another way to play the chrome dinosaur game in case your device is still connected to the internet but you want to play. The easiest way to access the game is by tapping on the F12 key on your keyboard to open the dev tools on your system. Click on the “Network” option from the drop-down menu. Carefully locate the online/offline tab. Click on the option and select ‘offline’ to turn off your network.

After you have turned off the network, visit your chrome web browser again and try visiting any site, the dinosaur will appear and then you can play the game till you’re satisfied.

Why the Chrome Google Game?

In case you’re wondering why google has designed the chrome dinosaur game, it’s simply for leisure and pleasure purposes. There’s nothing demonic about the game, it’s however designed to keep online surfers and workers relieved and to also experience the ease of stress simply by keeping themselves busy with the game.

What’s needed to Win Chrome Dinosaur Game

If you have been playing the chrome dinosaur game but haven’t won any good scores, here’s all you need to know about winning in the game:

Concentration: as the game is designed to be a tactical one, you must ensure that you play in an environment void of noise and distractions. It will be very easier to lose the game at the early stage if played in a noisy environment. And so, it’s highly advised that players play in a cool serene environment.

Consistency: one of the ways to win the chrome dinosaur game is to keep playing. Furthermore, without consistency in the game, it will be very difficult to master the game. On your first trial, you may get your eyes spinning or working too fast, however, one is advised to keep playing as that’s the only way to master the game.

Calmness: playing it requires lots of calmness in one. If you’re not calm enough, you will be taking the wrong clicks.

How to Hack Chrome Dinosaur Game

Perhaps you have been trying to play the chrome dinosaur game but kept losing. There’s a quick way to keep you playing the game without failing even for once. However, this must be done while you’re logged in to your chrome web browser. Go to the options menu and select the “inspect element” option found in the menu. Navigate to the console and enter the following lines on the bar:

Var dummy = Runner.prototype.gameOver Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}

After inputting the above code on the console, click on “Enter” to apply it, then you can restart the game. With this hack code added to the console, you can go through every obstacle in the game without fail.

How To Stop the Game

By putting the above code into the console, you have manually removed the software that allows the collision stop mechanism. This simply means that the game continues even till infinity. If this must be resolved you have to do the following:

  • Apply the collision stop mechanism by entering over = dummy in the console again. This should be done after you had cleared the earlier added code.
  • Restart the game after adding the given code.

By adhering to these instructions, you will have a more enjoyable experience while playing the chrome dinosaur game.