Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Are they a housekeeper? Do you know that there are so many housekeeping jobs in the USA you can apply for? Irrespective of if you are a citizen or a foreigner; you can apply for housekeeping jobs in the USA easily. These jobs are offered by so many different families and companies in the USA. As a professional housekeeper, you are open to these jobs irrespective of kind and hour. As long as you are up to the standards of the housekeeping jobs in the USA, there will be no issues with anything.

If you can migrate to the USA as a foreigner, you can apply for these jobs and then get approved to start working. However, make sure you get to follow the right processes and methods to get the job and avoid rejection. So many things are there to be noted to make getting housekeeping jobs in the USA a lot better and faster.

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Nonetheless, housekeeping jobs in the USA are open for people all around the world and even the citizens of the USA to apply for. All you will need to do is to confirm if you are eligible for the job and if you meet the requirements for the job. If you are, then you can easily apply for the job. Irrespective of the jobs of a housekeeper you do, there are jobs lined you to choose from.

Now, do you know that more or less than the average salary for housekeeping jobs is earned depending on the time of work? Monthly, weekly, yearly, daily, hourly, or per shift, you get to earn a worthy salary of more or less than $26,222. Nevertheless, this depends on the kind of job and how the employer wishes to pay you.

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Housekeeping Jobs

What are housekeeping jobs? Housekeeping jobs are jobs whereby a person is in charge of watching over the house while carrying out some basic responsibilities. They are of great help to so many people and they are known to be in high demand in so many homes. Housekeepers handle cleaning the home, attending to basic issues in the home, and also checking out for the safety of the home.

They report to their clients or whoever is in charge after handling their daily jobs. Depending on the job the clients order the housekeeper to do, they meet the jobs without issues. There are so many responsibilities for housekeeping jobs. In the subheading, their responsibilities will be noted.

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Housekeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship - Apply Now

Housekeeping Jobs Responsibilities

There are so many responsibilities of a housekeeper in a housekeeping job. Some of these responsibilities include the following.

  • Mopping the house.
  • Doing the dishes.
  • Doing and ironing the laundry.
  • Sweeping the house.
  • Emptying the trash in the trash cans.
  • Dusting and cleaning.

There are many more but with these few, you now know some of the responsibilities of housekeeping jobs.

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Housekeeping Jobs in the USA and Their Salaries

There are so many housekeeping jobs in the USA you will like to take note of. This is to help you make a better choice of job before applying. Also, by taking note of not only the jobs but also their salaries, you can meet up with their requirements and apply. To make things easier, a few jobs and their salaries are listed below for you to identify.

  • Housekeeping/House cleaner- $1,000- $1,400 per week.
  • OR Attendant- Memorial city hospital days- $37.9- $48.1 per year.
  • Environmental Services (EVS) Operating Room Technician- $33.4- $42.2 per year.
  • Environmental services (EVS) technician- LBJ hospital- $26- $33 per year.
  • House cleaner- $850 per week.
  • Housekeeper- Full time- $20.9- $26.5 per year.

These jobs and more are available for application in the USA without issues.
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Companies Who Offer Housekeeping Jobs in the USA

There are so many USA companies who offer these jobs for people to apply for. As a housekeeper, you will need to take note of the companies that offer these jobs. This is to help you make applications faster and easier to do. Also, it allows you to decide on what company you will like to work under for the job. After this paragraph, a short list of companies in the USA who offer these housekeeping jobs.

  • Cleanzen cleaning services.
  • Memorial Hermann health system.
  • MD Anderson cancer center.
  • Harris health system.
  • Houston Methodist.
  • Greystar real estate partners LLC.

There are so many more companies different for people to apply for a job with but only a few are listed here.