What does it mean by Hotmail ID? I know after reading through this content, you would have a better idea of what Hotmail ID actually means. On the other side, the ID is gotten from the sign up process when creating a Hotmail account. This Includes your Hotmail email address and not with the password you created. Each user is assigned with a unique set of account ID which’s use to access your account.

Hotmail ID - Microsoft Hotmail Email ID

Moreover, the Hotmail ID is also called Windows Live ID and offered by Microsoft email server. The Hotmail ID differs from other webmail servers. This is how it is for all other email service platform to Hotmail users as it is presented in form of username@hotmail.com and a set of the password in form of number and letters. However, the account ID act as a passcode thereby giving you the ability to manage your account and also keep your account safe. Hence learn more on what you can use the ID for.

Essential Use of the Hotmail ID

However, the login ID serves as a great important aspect when it comes to gaining access into various services of Microsoft. Also, the account ID is branded to give you access to all Microsoft products such as OneDrive, Office, Xbox Live, Excel, Word, and lots more.

  • The user ID enables you to connect with other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • It gives you access to perform the email activities like sending and receiving emails.
  • Hotmail ID connects yours with millions of users, friends, and colleague around the world.
  • It also serves as a security protocol only knows to the users which allow to sign in your account and use special tools.

In addition, the account ID gives you access to Skype, OneNote, PowerPoint, and also Microsoft Store. However, just as the Hotmail ID gives you access to services can also hinder you from accessing the platform dues to irrelevant insecurity.

How to Protect your Hotmail ID Account from Online Threat

Someone can easily hack into your account without your knowledge. You need to secure your account Hotmail ID and here are some tips to protect your ID.  

  • Always use a strong password of this format upper case, lower cases, number, and characters by mixing them together.
  • Therefore, change your password twice in a month or twice in two weeks to strengthen your account.
  • Always ensure you sign out your account and makes you don’t click remember me or save account on public PC.
  • Also login your account always to view your account activities. And sign out from any untrusted or public computer.

Therefore, the following tips will keep your account active and safe for a very long period of time. Also, one thing about the Hotmail ID provides features like Microsoft Exchange and enables you to set up the two-step verification login process.