Google Translate – Translate Unknown Languages on

Have a tough time translating a language to English? Do you want to know how you can solve that problem? You are lucky because I will be enlightening you on that. Google Translate is an easy way to translate languages that you don’t understand. It was developed by Google to make it easy for its users to be able to translate words they don’t understand. However, you can decide to use G Translate by voice or by text, it will still give you what you want. It is the fastest and easiest way to translate words. There are many more things to say about G Translate, it has been of great help for years now.

Google Translate - Translate Unknown Languages on

Furthermore, Google Translate comes as an app, a website, and as an extension. It can translate up to 108 languages, whatever it brings can be copied and pasted on another app. You can use it to translate all languages online while it can only translate 59 languages offline. This means you can use Google Translate without using data. However, images can be shown to Google Translate and with a camera translation. Just like I mentioned earlier, you can use Google Tr on a different platform that includes the following.

Google Translate Extension

Google Translate extension is quite different from the Google Translate app and website. The way Chrome Translate extension works is simple. All you need to do is install the extension on your Google Chrome. Right from your web browser, you can easily translate any language to your preferred language by clicking on the translate icon.

Also, if you want to translate a particular word, you can just highlight the text and right-click where you can see the translate icon and click on Translate to translate either Chinese to English or English to Chinese or to any other language. To install the Chrome Translate extension, you can use the Chrome Web Store and click Install.

Google Translate App

Google Translate is also available on mobile apps on iPhone and Android devices. The G Translate app is built with mobile-friendly interest where you can easily translate text between over 100 languages by typing. Also, on the app, you can copy and paste it on the translation box where you click on the Translate icon to translate it to your preferred language.

To Download G Translate App

  • Visit the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.
  • Search for the Google Translate on the search bar.
  • Click enter and you’ll find a range of results.
  • Then, click Install or Get to download.

Once you have downloaded the G Translate app, you can open it and translate texts to different languages. Also, the translate app enables you to translate text without even using an internet connection.

Google Translate Website

The Google Translate website is another place you can use Google Translate. With the website, you can translate any language. All you need to do is go to the web page at and text, use Google voice or use images to get the translation of what you want. Now you can use Google tr to solve your language problems.