Google Photos – Organize Your Photos And Videos | Google Photos App

When it comes to saving and backing up your photos on your phone, I think Google is the best. In recent times, a lot of people make use of Google to do lots of things. Google Photos is a photo-sharing and storage service designed and developed by Google.  It is a service that helps to analyze photos so that users can get back to them if they lost the photos. Therefore, Google Photos is the best home for all your photos and even videos. With the help of the platform, you do not need to panic about running out of phone space again, because photos that are backed up can be deleted any time on your devices.

Google Photos - Organize Your Photos And Videos | Google Photos App

Furthermore, Google Photos is available both on the web and the app. And the App is pre-installed on some Android phones. The most amazing part of Google photos is that it has lots of core features and it helps to keep your pictures depending on how you want it. Do you have a favorite picture and you do not want it to get lost?  Then make use of Google Pics. Or you do not know how to access it? Not to worry because this article will give you the answer to what you want to know.

Google Photos App

Just like I have stated above, Google Photos are available on the mobile App. However, are you an android user and the Google Photos app is not on your phone? Below are the guidelines on how to download the Google Photos App, check it out.

  • Open your Play Store
  • Search for ‘’Google photos”
  • Click on enter
  • Now download

Wait for a while, let it install. Once the page is ready, your Google Photos is ready to back up pics and your videos. However, with the above, you have successful download the Google Pics on your device

 How to Get Started With Google Photos

Now that you have downloaded Google Photos. The next step is to make use of it. Which you can either do on the Google Photos web or the app. To make use of Google photos or backup photos on your computer, you make use of the web. Just open your web browser, and search for Now follow the below to get started;

  • Open your Google photos app or the web
  • Enter your personal information if needed
  • Verify if needed
  • Now back up your photos and videos that are available

The website will automatically direct you to the Google Photos page. Where you can now make use of the option and search engine available to search for pictures and back up automatically.  With the help of the Google Pics app or web, you can now explore, find and share pics or videos. You can also make use of Google Assistant to help you find, view, and even share pics. Now you should not bother about losing your pictures.