Chinese Year 2022 – Happy Chinese New Year 2022

The Chinese New Year for 2022 begins today. During the period, there are a lot of festivities going on in the air. The Chinese New Year brings happiness, fun, togetherness between people and families as well. It is usually celebrated with the animal sign on the zodiac cycle. And each year is very important to be celebrated. Each Chinese year is represented by a zodiac animal and 2022 is the year of the tiger. . The Chinese year 2022 will be lasting for at least 15days.

Chinese Year 2022 - Happy Chinese New Year 2022

2022 Chinese New year 2022 will start with a new moon after the celebration of the spring festival. And it does end with the lantern festival. The Chinese year is celebrated with their practiced dances like lion dances, dragon dances, and much more. It is celebrated by the china citizens, Sinophone communities, and the non-Chinese people where they are merry, eat, drink, and pray to the gods about the New Year. During this festive period, they believe that there are certain foods and clothes to be worn that bring them good luck and ward evil away for the New Year.

When is the 2022 Chinese New Year?

The Chinese New Year is decided by the Chinese lunar calendar. And the Chinese New Year falls on the 1st of February 2022. On the 1st of this month, there will be lots of festivity in the air. There will be so much food and wishes

How Long is the Chinese Year 2022?

The Chinese New Year lasts for at least 16 days which is for 2 weeks the Chinese New Year Is celebrated which is from the 31st of January to the 15th of February. Each of the sixteen days of the festival has its own meaning. And the citizens of China are given a week to celebrate the New year. The New Year starts with a new moon from its horizon and the festival ends with a lit lantern festival.

What Color Means Luck During the Chinese Year 2022

The color red means luck during the Chinese new year as they believe the red stands for a lot of things like vitality, celebration, good fortune, good luck, prosperity ad it also relates to fire and as well energy. The red color in China is their primary celebratory color and their cultural color.

Which Animal is Chinese Year 2022?

The animal that will be celebrated for the Chinese New Year is the tiger which is the third in the 12 animal Chinese zodiac cycles. It stands for power, bravery, and strength and the animal is also the most significant animal in the culture of the Chinese. The tiger also stands for other reasons like righteousness and majesty.

How to Celebrate Chinese New Year 2022

Unlike other countries, the Chinese people have laid down rules for celebrating the Chinese year 2022. The following are the necessary criteria to meet up before celebrating the Chinese year 2022.

  • House cleaning and decoration
  • Family dinner on new year’s eve
  • Red envelopes
  • Fire crackers
  • Visiting relatives
  • Folk show and temple fairs

All these steps are to be done properly before celebrating the Chinese New Year as they believe doing these things brings good luck and ward off bad luck from friends and families as well.

What foods Will be Eaten on Chinese New Year 2022?

There are some foods to be eaten on the lunar New Year which is believed to bring good luck to the people. The foods are dumplings, spring rolls, niangao, fish, noodles, steamed chicken, fruit and vegetables, sweet rice balls, and Fa Gao.