If you are looking for a video-communication service try using Google Meet, it is the best and it is created by Google. Google Meet is part of the two applications that comprise the substitution for Google Hangout while the other one is meant for chatting. In October 2019, Google brought up an idea of withdrawing Google hangout. Its app was released in February 2017, in March 2017 Google officially launched Google meet. However, the platform was revealed as an app meant for video chatting for up to 15 and more participants, known as an enterprise-friendly version of hangout. At release, it attached a website app, an iOS app, and an android app.

A lot of video app has been used to meet up members of teams and also having a lesson online. But Google Meet has helped a lot and it is easier in the communication between the team and members. Also, with the lecturers of institutions, it leaves videos recorded during video chat so that it can be watched later. The platform does not limit the number of recipients of users we can video chat with. Its app is the easiest app and it maintains the dialogue between the teams and the leaders.

Note: Google hangout can also do video chat but the easiest way of video chatting your friend is by video chatting your friend through google meets. Also, you don’t need to create any email, once you’ve had an account with google either Gmail or Google Hangout. Then you are eligible to sign in to Google Meet. Therefore, Most users choose Google Meet because of the ease users feel when they use the app.

How to Sign up for Google Meet

You don’t need steps on how to sign up for google meet because once you have a Gmail account you can just sign in to Google meet instead of just signing up. But steps on how to sign up on Gmail will be shown below;

  1. Enter Gmail.com on a browser either on a smartphone or on the PC browser
  2. Click on create an account for myself
  3. Fill out your profile info and create an email that someone has not used before
  4. Choose a password that no one would ever think of
  5. Click on the “Yes I’m In” link to verify you’ve created an account

After these steps then you can use the platform for free. But if you have created this account in the past you don’t need to create an account again. Just use the Google meet Log in portal.

Note: enter your credentials correctly.

How to Log in to My Meet Account

Logging in to meet helps you view your fellows that use the platform as well. Below are the steps on how to log in to Google meet.

  1. Enter meet.google.com in a web browser
  2. Log in with the email you and password you created when signing up to Google mail account
  3. Click on start a chat or create a room if you want to create your video chat

After following these steps then you can sign in and video chat your friends in. But before you start video-communicating with you friends, make sure you have created an account in the past, having created an account in the past, it will be very easy for you to Log into your Meet account. When logging in make sure what you are entering corresponds with what you created when signing up for a Gmail account and enter it correctly such that if you enter it wrongly constantly, Google might disable the account.